An explosion in Kabul killed 18 people


The Chinese Navy may join the U.S. Marine Coalition in the Persian Gulf, made to ensure the shipping safety, in order to escort Chinese commercial vessels — the Chinese ambassador to the UAE, Ni Jian, announced. “We will consider the possibility of the escort of our commercial ships by our navy. We are studying the US proposal on the details of the escort in the Persian Gulf” — Reuters quoted his words. Recently, the UK joined the US-initiated coalition against Iran in the Persian Gulf. The British fleet will work with the U.S. Navy in order to ensure the safety of the merchant ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

On Wednesday morning, at least 18 people were killed by an explosion near a police station in western Kabul — the TOLO-News reports. More than 100 people were injured. Most of the victims are civilians, including women and children. As the TOLO-News previously reported — the attack took place at the entrance to the sixth police station in the Afghan capital. It was an explosion of a car-bomb. The Taliban claimed the responsibility for the explosion.

The Pentagon announced that the hidden network of the terrorist organization ‘Islamic State’ in Syria and Iraq became stronger — says the report on the results of the ‘Operation Unshakable Decision’ for the last quarter. The report was made by the Pentagon Inspector-General, Glenn Fine. «Despite the loss of its territorial caliphate — the ‘Islamic state’ enhanced its fighting capabilities in Iraq, and it became stronger in Syria» — the document explains. It was noted that the partial withdrawal of the American troops from Syria has already affected the on-going fight against the left-over terrorists. In particular, it is difficult to advise the local US allies. In addition, Washington doesn’t have an ability to control the potential recruiting zones that allow the ‘Islamic State’ to replenish their ranks. Back in December of 2018, Donald Trump announced that the US have defeated the ‘Islamic State’ in Syria. He later gave an order for a phased withdrawal of the American troops from the country.

On Wednesday, the Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar announced that the preparation of the Turkish military operation in Syria has come to the final stage — TASS reports. “The planning, the preparatory work, and the deployment of the troops on the ground are almost over” — he said. Hulusi Akar added that the on-going negotiations with the US Army delegation, started on Monday in Ankara and dedicated to the discussion of the joint creation of a buffer zone in the northern Syria, are generally positive. He underlined that Turkey is fundamentally determined to “prevent the formation of a terrorist corridor near the southern borders”, in northern Syria, »by all means».

During the counter-terrorist operation in Ingushetia, a bandit who planned to commit a terrorist attack, was neutralized — the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee reported. The committee specified that on Wednesday night, «during the operational-search measures in the Republic of Ingushetia, the FSB of Russia received information about the presence of an armed bandit that planned to carry out a terrorist attack. He was inside one of the private houses located in the village of Voznesenskoye, in the Malgobek district». During the arrest, the law enforcement officers ordered him to “lay down his arms and surrender to the authorities”. In response he “opened fire on the law enforcement officers, after which he was neutralized during the shoot-out». During the search, an IED of about 5 kilograms in TNT equivalent was found. According to the preliminary data — the bandit was a supporter of the Islamic State.

The Ukrainian army began preparations for active hostilities against the DPR. This was stated in the department of the People’s Militia of the republic. According to their report — the Ukrainian troops from the reserve of the 36th and 35th Marine Brigades went to the demarcation line in battle formations. Some artillery pieces were sent to the firing positions near ​​the settlements of Ternovoye, Kirovo, and Andreevka. In the city of Mariupol, the Azov regiment and the units of the 56th motorized infantry brigade were raised by an alarm. They moved out to the designated area at the north of the city, and they are ready to arrive to the frontline. In addition, there is an increase in activity of the UAVs flying above the line of contact. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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