Attack on the Turkish troops in Syria


1 Syria

The Turkish National Defense Ministry reported that 4 Turkish soldiers were killed and 9 were injured during a shelling of the Turkish positions in the Idlib province. Ankara claims that the shelling of the Turkish military was carried out by the Syrian army from an area near ​​Serakib. The Turkish Ministry of Defense reports that their military fired back, and «destroyed targets in the province of Idlib». No official comment from Damascus have been made yet. Earlier, the »Al Arabiya» TV reported that on Sunday morning, 200 units of the Turkish army military equipment, including armored vehicles and tanks, crossed the border with Syria.

2 Syria

On Monday, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria announced that «The Turkish Air Force did not violate the Syrian border. There were no attacks on the positions of the Syrian troops». It was noted that on Monday night, the Turkish military were shelled by the Syrian forces in Idlib, who were firing at the terrorists, since Turkey did not warn Russia about their movements. Earlier, the Turkish president announced that the Turkish F-16 fighters, and the Turkish artillery, attacked targets in Idlib in response to the shelling of the Turkish troops.

3 Syria

The NTV reported on Monday that the joint Russian-Turkish patrols in the Syrian city of Kobani, which were planned for 3rd of February, were canceled. The reasons of the cancellation of the joint patrols were not reported.

4 Egypt

During an emergency meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the League of Arab States in Cairo, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced the termination of all relations with Israel and the US. “There will be no relations, including the security cooperation, because of their rejection of the signed agreements on the international law” — Abbas explained. The meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the League of Arab States was called by the request of Palestine on Saturday, in Cairo, in order to discuss the American plan for the settlement of the Middle East.

5 Afghanistan — Pakistan

The «Geo TV» reported that as a result of a shelling from Afghanistan — at least 7 Pakistani civilians died in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. «The shell was fired from the Afghan side. It hit the house of a local resident. He and 6 members of his family died on the spot» — a local police officer explained. It was reported that an anti-terrorist operation has been launched in the area.

6 the UK — the EU

The UK free trade agreement with the EU will not affect the subsidies, social and environmental protection. This was stated in the excerpts from the speech of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, towards the business leaders, foreign ambassadors, and the heads of think tanks. The excerpts were circulated by the office of the head of the UK government. During the last week, on Friday, at exactly 11:00 p.m. London time, the UK left the EU. The UK has been a member of the EU for 47 years. Brexit was called ‘the dawn of the UK’ in London. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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