Breaking News, 13th of March, 2018


The militants of the terrorist group «Jabhat al-Nusra» used a chlorine-containing substance in East Guta, said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia at a meeting of the Security Council. «According to reports, on 5th of March the terrorists used chlorine-containing substance in East Guta, as a result 30 civilians were injured,» the diplomat said. According to him, this has been done in order to «prepare the ground for one-sided power actions against Syria».



The Russian frigate Admiral Essen, equipped with cruise missiles »Caliber», will join the Russian’s Navy squadron in the Mediterranean Sea, Interfax reports. Frigates such as «Admiral Essen», «Admiral Grigorovich», as well as submarines from the permanent operational group of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea once struck the terrorists in Syria with cruise missiles «Caliber».



The British authorities are considering the possibility of cyber attacks against Russia, the Times newspaper wrote on Tuesday while referring to its sources in the United Kingdom’s government. The British Defense Ministry together with the Center for Government Communication are developing a computer program that can be used to attack the Kremlin’s computer networks or websites that, according to London, are spreading fake news. «Malicious software can be used as well. This opportunity will be considered and even possibly approved.» — the anonymous representative of the British government said.



According to ANNA-News military reporters, the army of Syria broke through the defenses of the militants in East Guta, and divided the district in two parts. This morning 17 families with 49 children left the territory of Eastern Guta by the humanitarian corridor. All the Syrians who runs away from Eastern Guta are being send to the temporary camp, located in Edduer. Over the past day, 203 Syrian citizens asked for medical assistance from Russian military medics. They were provided with food and other basic necessities.



The EU started a large-scale investigation regarding the corruption in the Ukrainian leadership. As the ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Nikolay Malomuzh stated, about 210 representatives of the Ukrainian elite and the country’s leadership are being investigated. In conversation with journalists, Malomuzh said that the investigation started because of 147 billions of dollars that went to the offshore bank accounts from Ukraine’s budget. Lately, the EU shows the signs of dissatisfaction with the on-going general situation in Ukraine.



South Korea has signed a contract for 90 high-precision German-Swedish »Taurus» missiles, capable of hitting underground objects, punching through concrete walls up to 6 meters thick, and destroying protected targets from a distance of up to 500 km. «In 2017, the contract was signed at the end of February, despite the major relaxation of the situation on the Korean peninsula.» — Tass quotes South Korean Ministry of Defense.




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