Breaking News, 22nd of May, 2018


A car-bomb exploded in one of the districts of the Afghan city of Kandahar, Russia Today reports with a reference to the TOLO news. According to the media, an explosive device was activated by a suicide bomber. As a result of the explosion — at least 2 people were killed, 25 were injured. No local terrorist organization claimed the responsibility for the explosion.

In the DPR, over the past day, the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire regime 29 times, firing 569 shells at the front-line zones of the DPR. The most intensive shelling happened around Gorlovka — the towns of Zheleznaya Balka, Golmovsky, Dolomitnoe, Mikhailovka, Vasilievka, Zaitsevo, Ozerianivka, Shirokaya Balka, and the territory of the checkpoint «Majorsk» in the north of Gorlovka were all under fire. The shelling also happened in the south of the DPR.

Ukrainian troops fired at the LPR positions four times over the past day. Villages of Kalinovo and Veselovka were hit. Weaponry of the IFV and grenade launchers were used in the shelling. In the village of Kryakovka of the Slavyanoserbsky district, which was captured by Ukrainian troops, the Ukrainian soldiers used small arms to fire at the patrol of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in order to cover the location with the prohibited weaponry. As a result — the patrol was forced to leave the area and return to its base in the settlement of Severodonetsk.

The new Hungarian government, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, adopted a very important memorandum regarding Ukraine — Budapest promised at the highest level to protect the Hungarians living in Trans-carpathia by any means. «Memorandum on the protection of Trans-carpathian Hungarians» was adopted at the first meeting of the renewed government of Hungary. This was reported by the news site of Trans-carpathia, with a reference to the statement of the press secretary of the Hungarian minister. The document was sent out to all leaders of NATO member states, and to the Secretary General of NATO as well. Budapest in its memorandum underlined that Kiev directly threatens the security and the well-being of the ethnic Hungarians of Trans-carpathia.

According to US authorities, the Crimean bridge blocked half of Ukrainian coastline. Such was the statement made by the US State Department recently. The Americans believe that the bridge structure limits the passing by ships by their size, which in itself can damage the shipping routes of Ukraine. It is also very likely that the Americans are simply outraged by the sheer size of the bridge that prevents the passage of their aircraft carriers underneath it.

The Spanish National Cryptological Center, which works for the national intelligence service, announced that «Russian institutions» were trying to influence the situation in Catalonia during last year’s political crisis, RIA NEWS reports. The report from that organization declares that Spain, along with other countries, has been the victim of cyber attacks. The report also gives vague accusations regarding the support that the Russian institutions allegedly provided to the activists engaged in media support to the Catalonian side. Any specific evidences were not given yet.

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