Breaking News, 23th of September, 2018


If the US do impose their sanctions — Russia is ready to independently complete the »Nord Stream-2» pipeline on its own expense, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed. «Russia does have such opportunity, but we hope that this tomfoolery won’t happen in the first place» — Peskov said. On Saturday, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, while referring to their sources, reported that such statement was made by Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Angela Merkel in Meseberg on 18th of August. On the last Tuesday, Donald Trump mentioned that Washington does not consider the possibility of imposing sanctions on companies, involved in the construction of the Nord Stream-2.

The international coalition, led by the United States, conducted the evacuation of ISIS terrorists from the Syrian province of Deir ez Zor, the Syrian agency SANA reports while citing the local sources. Helicopters of the coalition transported «high-ranking leaders» of ISIS from the village of Al-Marashda, in the south-east of the province, to an unknown location. The remaining terrorists continue to hide in this village.

Due to the terrorist attack at the military parade in Ahvaz — the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the ambassadors of the Netherlands, Denmark and the representative of the UK. They were all informed that the members of the terrorist groups, involved in the terrorist attack in Ahvaz, are hiding in their countries. Iran demanded to arrest them. «It is unacceptable that the EU does not blacklist the members of those terrorist groups until they commit crimes on European territory» — Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Kasemi said. The British diplomat was told about the inadmissibility of a situation when a representative of a terrorist group declares the responsibility for a terrorist attack on TV. The diplomats promised to help Iran to identify the criminals, and they assured Tehran that the authorities of European countries will be informed about all the issues raised at the meeting.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, while speaking at the forum of the Organization of the Iranian-American Communities, said that the US sanctions will sooner or later lead to the overthrow of the Iranian authorities. «I do not know when we will overthrow them. It may happen within a few days, months or years, but it will happen. The people of Iran obviously have suffered enough» — said the US president’s lawyer. Rudolph Giuliani underlined that the sanctions have a negative impact on Iranian economy. «Such conditions lead to a revolution» — the lawyer explained. The statements of Rudolph Giuliani contradict the official position of the White House. Previously, the White House claimed that, despite the tough sanctions, Washington does not seek to overthrow the Iranian regime.

On Saturday, two Ukrainian warships entered the economic zone of Russia near the coast of Crimea. «In accordance with the norms of the international maritime law, and in the interest of ensuring of the safety of Russia, they were followed by the coast guard ships of the Russian Border Guard Service» — the Russian ministry said. The following took place at a safe distance. The Ukrainian command ship «Donbass» and the tugboat «Korets» went in north-eastern direction, towards the Kerch Strait.

The head of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that Russia refused to participate in the joint creation of a moon-orbiting station ‘The Gateway’ with the US, due to the unwillingness to be on the secondary role in this project. In addition, he noted that Russia intends to offer their own project of a moon-orbiting station. According to him, this project can be implemented in cooperation with the NASA, or the BRICS countries. «Whether it will be a Russian station or international — this is the subject of negotiations» — he concluded. Earlier, there was information in the Internet about the Russian development of a module capable of landing on the Moon.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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