Breaking News, 27th of November, 2018


The PR department of the Russian FSB announced that Ukrainian warships entered the territorial waters of Russia on Sunday by the direct instructions from the Kiev authorities. The provocation was coordinated by two officers of the Ukrainian Security Service — they were on board of the detained warships, «Interfax» reports. In addition — the FSB’s PR department stated that «the Ukrainian warships carried out an invasion in the territorial waters of Russia, which belonged to Russia even before the reunification of the Crimea with Russia». The captain of one of the detained ships confirmed, during interrogation, that the Ukrainian sailors knew that they were doing a provocation, and they willingly ignored the radio calls from Russian border guards.

2 Ukraine

The Ukrainian parliament approved the introduction of the martial law, announced by President Poroshenko, in a number of regions of Ukraine for a period of 30 days. The martial law applies to the Vinnitsa, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Sumi, Odessa, Kharkiv, Chernihov, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhye and Kherson regions, as well as the «internal waters of the Azov-Kerch water area.» Petro Poroshenko explained that the martial law will apply only in the case of ground aggression. «As soon as the Russian soldiers cross the Ukrainian border — I won’t lose a single moment in order to ensure the safety of the Ukrainian land.» The date of the commencement of martial law is 26th of November.

3 Ukraine

Alexander Lukashevich, Russian Permanent Representative to the OSCE, announced that the Ukrainian armed forces, with the assistance of Western intelligence agencies, are preparing a provocation with a use of chemical weapons in the Donbas. «There is an information about the preparation of provocations by the Ukrainian army with the use of chemical weapons, and with the involvement of foreign intelligence services» — RIA NEWS quotes his words. He noted that the Ukrainian troops moved the AA systems Buk and S-300s, and also Grad and Uragan MLRS right to the Donbas area. The Ukrainian army is still blocking the retreat of both sides from the village of Luganskaya. On top of that — the Ukrainian army, according to Alexander Lukashevich, sent their forces to the villages of Zolotoi and Petrovskii. In addition, the shelling of the local settlements has intensified.

4 Russia

Russia won’t recognize the decision of the Hague arbitration court regarding the claim of the Ukrainian ‘Oschadbank’ for the damage worth of $ 1.5 billions of dollars due to the investment they lost in Crimea, Interfax reports while citing a statement from the press service of the Ministry of Justice of Russia. The press service explained that the international arbitration at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague doesn’t have the jurisdiction needed to judge the claim of the Ukrainian Bank to Russia. “The Russian Ministry of Justice will take all the necessary measures in order to ensure the representation and protection of the Russian interests related to this case” — said the Russian Ministry of Justice. Yesterday, the Paris Arbitration Court decided to satisfy the claim of the Ukrainian bank for the compensation of the damage caused by the annexation of Crimea to Russia worth of $ 1.5 billions of dollars.

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