Breaking News, 2nd of March, 2018


The US Department of State approved the delivery of anti-tank missile systems ‘Javelin’ to Ukraine, the Pentagon Defense Cooperation Agency said today. «The State Department approved the possible military supply of the Javelin missiles and launchers worth of $47 millions of dollars to Ukraine,» — The agency said. The agency also sent a relevant draft of the transaction for the approval from the Congress.

China’s relations with Russia are exemplary in the international cooperation, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chuning. «The relations between Russia and China are an example of successful international bilateral contracts on a mutually beneficial basis. We are happy to see how the situation in Russia is constantly improving under Putin’s leadership» — The diplomat said. She underlined that friendly relations between China and Russia favorably affect global security.

The press service of the Russian embassy in the USA issued a statement that warns the USA against the usage of baseless accusations of chemical attacks as a pretext for the missile strikes against Syria. The USA continues to use «Groundless allegations of Damascus using poisonous substances as an instrument of anti-Syrian geopolitical engineering.» — Says the Russian statement. The Russian embassy called the US administration plans to assign the responsibility for the alleged use of the chemical weapons by Syria to Russia as new manifestations of cynicism.

Ukrainian government adopted a resolution regarding the «illegality» of the elections of the Russian president in the Crimea. Ukrainian deputies also appealed to the international community with a call to warn Moscow against organizing voting on the peninsula. Ukrainian parliamentarians threaten to not recognize the legitimacy of the elected head of Russia, unless Moscow hears them out. According to experts, such statements are nothing more than a PR stunt, and the world will simply ignore it.

During his speech to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin announced the development of the latest types of Russian weapons: the Sarmat missile system, underwater drones equipped with nuclear power sources, and Kinjal missile system. Vladimir Putin also spoke about the development of laser weaponry.

The head of DPR stated that the union with Russia is a priority of DPR’s foreign policy. «I believe that an alliance with Russia is the most important priority of the foreign policy of the Republic. A common future with Russia is our firm choice. This is already happening. Integration — cultural, economic, humanitarian — is already underway, and we will not turn off this path.» — Zakharchenko said.

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