Breaking News, 2nd of September, 2018


30 000 people came to the center of Donetsk, to the farewell ceremony of the deceased head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. The waiting line of those wishing to say their goodbyes to Zakharchenko stretched for a kilometer. People are still coming at the site. The visitors brought cloves and roses with mourning ribbons. Some people are crying. People stand from the Postyshev street to the building of the Solovyanenko’s Opera and Ballet Theater, where the funeral event is taking place. Ministers, parliamentarians, heads of the local administrations came to say their goodbyes to Zakharchenko, as well as a delegation from the LPR which was headed by the acting head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik. After the ceremony, a mourning procession will begin along the central street. The car with the body of Alexander Zakharchenko will proceed to the building of the Administration of the Head of the DPR, and then to the cemetery where the funeral will take place.

On Sunday night, several explosions took place in the Syrian airbase «Mezze» located in the western suburb of Damascus. Some TV channels and other mass media reported that it was a missile strike on Damascus. Al Mayadeen channel, while referring to its own sources, announced that Israel was behind the attack. Later the state news agency SANA, while citing a military source, disproved that version of the event. The cause of the explosion was a short circuit in the ammunition depot, which led to the detonation.

The FBI and the US Department of Justice tried to recruit Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska during 2014 to 2016 years, The New York Times reports while referring to the current US officials, and the businessman’s entourage. The special services wanted to get from Oleg Deripaska the information about Russian organized crime, and later — possible assistance of Russia to the campaign of President Donald Trump in 2016. In return they offered assistance in solving legal problems and obtaining a visa. The businessman reported on the attempts of recruiting to the Russian authorities. The publication underlines that the attempt to enlist Oleg Deripaska was only a part of the plan of the special services for a possible «cooperation with some of the richest people in Russia» associated with Putin. On 6th of April, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against Oleg Deripaska and the companies under his control — «Basic Element» and En+ Group.

On Saturday night, an unknown person opened fire in a nightclub of Cleveland. 28-years-old woman died from a bullet wound in the head. 7 more people, aged 19 to 53 years, also got injured in varying severity. The police doesn’t know who was the shooter and what were the motives. There were no arrests yet.

In Hasaviyurt district of Dagestan, the police forces neutralized a member of the gang, responsible for attacks on the police officers. It was possible to establish the identity of the killed man. His name is being kept in secret in the interests of the investigation, but there is an information that the exterminated terrorist was the leader of the «Kizilyut» group — the last group of terrorists operating in Dagestan. «An armed man was seen between the villages of Toturbykala and Endiry. After the offer to surrender — he opened fire, and was killed by the return fire» — the local police reported.

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