Breaking News, 3rd of September, 2018


Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria with a reference to SANA agency: Damascus will use the right for self-defense in case of US military aggression, and Damascus warns the West against an aggression towards Syria, said Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem. «We will use our right of protection. We would like to underline that the attempts, similar to those that the US and others are going to undertake, will have horrible consequences and will have a negative impact on the situation. We warn against committing a triple aggression towards the Syrian people.» — the minister said. Since recently, the Western countries are trying to prevent the conduct of the military operation in Idlib. The US openly threaten Damascus with a missile strike.

The Syrian Forces began shelling the positions of Islamists along the entire line of contact. According to local reports — the artillery hit the fortified positions and infrastructure facilities of the terrorists in the provinces of Hama and Idlib. It was reported that the Syrian Army is conducting combat reconnaissance before the full-scale offensive operation in the area. Similar reports are coming from the province of Latakia.

On 6th of September, during the first ministerial dialogue with the United States in the «2 + 2″ format in New Delhi — India wants to inform the American side that they do not intend to cancel the purchase of the Russian S-400 »Triumph» anti-aircraft missile systems, despite the objections of Washington, RIA News reports with a reference to the NDTV channel. According to the channel — India intends to demand the US administration to not impose sanctions on India, since the access to Russian missile systems is necessary «in the conditions of the developing regional architecture» and Indian defense cooperation with Russia is close and reliable.

German Eurofighters will begin their training flights at low altitude in the airspace of Estonia for the first time after 7th of August, when a Spanish fighter accidentally launched a missile, RIA news agency quoted a statement of the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces. During 7th of August, the Spanish Air Force fighter-jet Eurofighter mistakenly launched an air-to-air missile over the southern parts of Estonia. The two-week search for the missile was unsuccessful.

Russian and Polish investigators started additional joint inspection of the parts of Tu-154 that carried the President Lech Kaczynski on board, and later crashed near the city of Smolensk, TASS reported while citing a statement from the official representative of the Russian Investigative Committee — Svetlana Petrenko. The Russian side has no doubts about the circumstances and the causes of the plane crash, namely the actions of the crew. Svetlana Petrenko underlined that the investigation teams properly investigated the version of the explosion on board of the aircraft. «However, numerous expert assessments, conducted by Russian and Polish experts, showed that there are no traces of explosives on the remains of the deceased passengers and the wreckage of the airplane itself» — she explained.

Kurds had losses as a result of a bomb explosion in the city of Rakka. The Syrian army shot down an attack drone of Islamists in the northern part of Hama. The United States are enhancing the strength of their military presence inside Syria. There were new clashes in the province of Hasaka between the «Democratic forces of Syria» and unknown militants. According to the news agency Al Manar News — unknown people attacked a group of Kurdish fighters near the town of Al-Shaddadi in the south of the region. During the skirmish — several members of the Syrian Democratic forces were killed, and a number of Kurdish radicals were injured. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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