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Oil supplies from the United States to China have been completely stopped due to the trade war — said Xie Chunlin, the president of the China Merchants Energy Shipping. “We are among the main carriers of oil from the USA to China. It was a good business before the trade conflict, but right now it is completely stopped” — RIA NEWS reports. This information was confirmed by the Refinitiv Eikon ship tracking system. The supply of American oil to China began back in 2016.

The US State Department stated once again that Indian purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense systems could lead to sanctions from the United States. The State Department explained that the United States are calling «the allies and partners to refrain from making those deals with Russia that may be subjected to sanctions under the CAATSA law» — TASS reports while citing the »Press Trust of India». During the planned visit of Vladimir Putin to Delhi — the largest contracts for S-400s, warships and tanks will be signed.

The consul of Hungary in Beregovo, in the Trans-carpathian region of Ukraine, has been declared persona non grata. He must leave Ukraine within three days, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reports. The message plainly says that «the consul of Hungary in the city of Beregovo was declared persona non grata». «It was reported to the Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine, Erno Keshken, on Thursday» — RIA NEWS reports. The ambassador was handed a note “with the information that according to Art. 23 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963 — in connection with the activities incompatible with the status of a consular officer — the Hungarian consul in the city of Beregovo must leave the territory of Ukraine within the next 72 hours.”

At the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, US Permanent Representative Robert Wood announced that the United States will remain in Syria for as long as President Donald Trump sees fit. “We are in Syria to fight terrorism, and we will fight it wherever necessary. We are ready to stay for as long as the President considers it necessary” — RIA NEWS quotes Robert Wood. Earlier, Donald Trump commented on the US refusal to give $ 230 millions of dollars per year in order to restore the destroyed infrastructure of Syria — according to the American president, Saudi Arabia and other «rich» countries of the Persian Gulf should deal with this issue.

A meeting of NATO defense ministers began in Brussels yesterday. As expected — Hungary did not allow Ukraine to be in that session. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak sent a letter to NATO, asking to be in the ministerial meeting in Brussels, but he was refused. This was announced by the deputy head of the Ukrainian mission to NATO on the defense issues — Colonel Sergey Mukosiy. According to him, Stepan Poltorak received a response letter from NATO in which it was explained that NATO could not do anything in the situation with Hungary, which was against Poltorak’s presence, since consensus is necessary to resolve such issues.

The representative of the NATO Secretary General in the countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asia, James Appathurai, during an interview to IPN explained that the concern, expressed by the Russian Foreign Ministry and Russian Ministry of Defense in connection with the Lugar laboratory in Georgia — is merely an expression of Russian baseless claims to everything that is happening in the Caucasus region. “This is part of Russian disinformation tactics” — concluded James Appathurai. On 11th of September, during a press conference in Moscow, Igor Giorgadze announced that he has documents that confirm the secret experiments on humans, done by the Public Health Research Center of Richard Lugar, near the city of Tbilisi. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russia will not allow Americans to conduct biological experiments near Russian borders. The Russian Defense Ministry also stated that they are studying the information of the Georgian ex-minister.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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