Breaking News, 5th of November, 2018


Starting from today, the US sanctions against Iran, which previously existed before the signing of the «Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on the Iranian Nuclear Program» of 2015, have come back into force, Interfax reports. The sanctions target the Iranian oil industry, banking structure, shipbuilding and shipping, plus some other sectors of the economy. The sanctions are directed not only against Iran, but also against those countries and foreign companies that maintain business ties with the Iranian partners. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US sanctions against Iran include more than 600 individuals and companies.

As a result of a series of explosions in Baghdad, 8 people were killed, 16 were injured, RIA NEWS report while citing TV channel ‘Al-Arabiya’. According to Al-Arabiya, one explosion took place near Aden Square in the north of Baghdad. Three more explosions were in the east of the city, one of which was in front of a mobile kiosk. The fifth was in the north of Baghdad. Another explosion took place near shops in the south of the city.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that after the introduction of new US sanctions against Iran — EU companies won’t be able to work simultaneously on the Iranian and American markets. «We will not allow European companies to work with both the United States and Iran» — said Mike Pompeo on CBS. At the same time, the head of the State Department explained that the United States would not punish the foreign states themselves for the fact that their companies have a trade with Iran. According to Mike Pompeo — in the recent months — hundreds of European companies left Iran, fearing the US sanctions. Mike Pompeo believes that Iran will not resume its work on the nuclear program in response to the sanctions. “I’m sure the Iranians will not make such decision” — he said.

On Monday, South Korea and the United States began the first joint naval exercises since June, after their suspension by the agreement with the DPRK. The exercises on the movements of marines will last two weeks. Amphibious boats and 500 of military servicemen, including marines from the American base in Okinawa, will partake in the exercises, Renhap reports. In 2017, such maneuvers were conducted 11 times, in 2017 — 17 times, in 2016 — 14 times. It was planned to increase their number up to 24 times in 2019. On 28th of August, the chief of Pentagon James Mattis announced that the United States won’t suspend the military exercises with South Korea. The decision to suspend the exercise was taken on 22nd of June, following the summit of the leaders of the United States and the DPRK in Singapore.

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