Breaking News, 8th of April, 2018


In the apartment of 48-year-old Jens R., who drove a truck in a crowd in Munster, the police found a fake AK assault rifle and firecrackers. To get into the apartment the police had to blew up the front door. In addition to the fake AK — pyrotechnic products in large quantities were found in the apartment. More firecrackers and a pistol were found in the truck itself. «There is still no information about the possible motive of the crime. Investigative measures are being taken in all directions.» — the Munster police said in a statement. As a result of the attack, two people were killed, 20 were injured.

London is considering to move Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia to the United States under new names, the »Sunday Times» newspaper reported citing its own sources. At the moment, the British intelligence service MI-6 is discussing with colleagues from the CIA the possibility of moving the Skripals to another country under new names, in order to «avoid new attempts of assassination.» Among the possible countries, the newspaper lists New Zealand, Australia and Canada. However, the publication specifies that the US is the most likely place. «The most obvious place is the United States, since it is unlikely that they will be killed under new names, and there it will be easier to protect them,» the publication states.

The militants of the group «Jays al-Islam» are preparing to stage a false flag operation in the city of Duma in Eastern Guta, with the use of chemical weapons, the SANA agency reported on Saturday, while referring to a source in the Syrian government. «The militants are going to fabricate accusations against the Syrian army as if it allegedly uses ammunition with chemical substances in the course of military operations. The staging should stop the offensive operation launched on Friday by governmental troops on the positions of bandit formations in the vicinity of the Duma.» — the source said. The source underlined that the Syrian troops are successful, and «do not need to use any chemical ammunition against the enemy.»

According to ANNA NEWS correspondents located in Syria, today the Syrian Army managed to advance for about 1 km further in the south-eastern areas of the city of Duma, breaking the first line of fortifications of «Jays al-Islam» militants. The enemy responds with mostly inaccurate mortar shells, and small arms. Governmental troops are moving confidently, but cautiously. The main problem are snipers. Tanks and artillery are trying to suppress them when possible.

This morning in the north of Tunisia, in the district of Moknine, two buses collided. Two people died, another 75 were injured. Three of the victims are in serious condition. Both drivers were detained and brought to justice. According to the prosecutor, one of the drivers was detained for «unintentional causing of injury and death as a result of an accident that occurred due to ignoring the road signs,» the second one «for lack of necessary permits.»

9 civilians were killed and 20 were injured during the explosion of a bomb planted in a car near a mosque in the city of al-Bab in the north of the province of Aleppo. Some of the victims are in serious condition. At the moment, no terrorist group took the responsibility for the explosion. Local police have announced the search operation for the car »Kia Rio», which, according to their information, the organizers of the explosion used to run from the crime scene.

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