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American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during his visit to North Korea, discussed with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un the possibility of creating a US coordination office in Pyongyang in response to the North Korean steps on denuclearization, RIA NEWS reports. During the meeting, the parties discussed the adoption of a declaration on the end of the war, and the corresponding measures from the US, including the establishment of a coordination office in Pyongyang. In response, North Korea declared its readiness to allow the inspectors to visit the missile test site, and dismantle their nuclear facility in Yongbyon. North Korea also proposed the elimination of their intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The Iraqi Army, with the support of the Shia militia »Hashd al-Shaabi», started a military operation near the city of Tel Afar, close to the Syrian border. The purpose of the operation is the elimination of the «sleeping cells» of ISIS, and the mine clearing of the area. The troops intend to devote special attention to the mountain ridges of Mal and Yaran, where, according to their information, the Islamists have their stashes of weapons, and shelters.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report: Despite the creation of the DMZ, the radical opposition groups continued their attacks on the positions of the Syrian army. »Jaysh al-Izza» tried to carry out an attack — it was stopped by the Syrian military. The group of Islamists was spotted near the village of Murek, in the area with a Turkish observation point. It was noted that as a result of the clashes — several terrorists were killed. Earlier, the leaders of the Islamist groups »Tahrir Al-Sham», »the Islamic Party of Turkestan» and »Ahrar al-Sham» refused to keep the ceasefire in the DMZ.

Moscow and Ankara have defined the borders of the DMZ in the Syrian province of Idlib, said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin. The diplomat noted that Turkey is seriously engaged in the issue of the distinction between the opposition groups and the terrorists in Idlib, RIA NEWS reports. According to him — after the delimitation of terrorists from the armed opposition in Idlib — the terrorists will move deeper into the province. According to Turkish media, all groups of the “moderate opposition” have already left the buffer zone area in Idlib province. In particular — the »National Liberation Front» coalition. In case if this information will be confirmed, only the terrorist groups, such as Hayat-Tahrir al-Sham, will remain in the buffer zone.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS reported, with a reference to SANA agency, that the helicopters of the international coalition evacuated several ISIS terrorists from the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor. «On Saturday, the helicopters of the international coalition took several ISIS terrorists from the area where the terrorists are concentrated. Namely near the village of Al-Sha’af, south-east of Deir ez-Zor» — reporters of ANNA NEWS reported. They added that the coalition sent troops near the village of Al-Murashida, which is being occupied by the terrorists. Earlier, the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem announced that the United States are retraining the ISIS terrorists in the military base ‘Al-Tanf’.

Serbian President Alexander Vucic announced that his country will not be part of NATO, it will continue to maintain the military neutrality, while continuing to cooperate with NATO. “I want to thank the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, for his support in organizing the exercises, and for the fact that he didn’t want to influence the independent decision of Serbia about our future. Serbia is cooperating, and will cooperate with NATO, and also — it will have good relations with Russia and China” — said Alexander Vucic at the opening of the international NATO exercises »Serbia-2018», TASS reports.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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