Breaking news, December 1st, 2017


On Wednesday, the DPRK had really tested a new type of missiles, the Japanese Defense Minister Itunori Onodar said. According to him, judging by the fact that this missile was installed on a mobile launcher of a new type, it can be assumed that this is a new ballistic intercontinental missile that differs from missiles launched earlier. The launched missile was a two-stage one, and the flames were typical for liquid-propellant rocket engines.

The Syrian city of Raqqa was finally liberated from terrorists in October 2017, but it still continues to be the most mined in the whole country. According to the international organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the slow progress in the clearance of Raqqa represents a serious threat that complicates the return of civilians to their homes. The organization has already assisted eighty-five patients with explosive wounds in the Tel-Abyad hospital — the nearest medical facility where there is a surgical department.

The State Duma Defense Committee believes that Russia could mediate in the negotiations between the US and North Korea, if the parties expressed such a desire. «Russia is ready for such an intermediary mission. If there is an official appeal, it will be considered in the most careful way, «said the head of the committee Shamanov. Earlier, delegates of the Russian State Duma visited the DPRK and commented that in Pyongyang there is an understanding that the crisis around the Korean peninsula can not be settled without the help of Russia.

The Public Chamber of Crimea demanded that the international community recognize the extreme Ukrainian nationalism as a form of Nazism. The extreme, as they themselves say-Ukrainian nationalism has gone out of control and turned into a Nazi movement. «Right Sector», «Freedom» party, Radical Party, «these organizations are parts of» Nazi extreme Ukrainian nationalism, «the statement said.

There was an evacuation and checking of all the shopping centers of the city Rostov-on-Don because of the anonymous bomb reports. In addition, because of similar calls, three universities, one school and a fitness center were evacuated. All buildings are now checked «for the abandoned objects».

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