Breaking News — December 29, 2017


ISIS militants attacked a number of settlements in Iraq, Kurdish sources reported. Terrorists attacked the cities in Kirkuk and Havidja districts. Also, the settlements in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan were attacked. As we reported the day before, the federal forces of Iraq, conducting a sweep in the area and discovered more than 70 improvised explosive devices.

During the past day, the AFU violated the New Year armistice 5 times in the DPR, firing 270 units of various ammunition in the front territories of the Republic. The districts of five settlements were subjected to shelling by means of mortars, grenade launchers, large-caliber and light firearms. The village of Trudovsky in the west of Donetsk, and the village of Zhabychevo north of the capital got under the enemy mortar fire. Also the settlement of Yelenovka near Donetsk was subjected to large caliber mortars fire.

In the East Ghuta enclave east of Damascus controlled by the opposition, the first humanitarian evacuation took place within the framework of agreements on de-escalation zones. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent transported 111 people, including 29 seriously ill, 31 prisoners and accompanying persons. The operation was controlled by the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties and the Syrian Army. All patients were then taken to medical institutions in Damascus.

Turkey and Russia signed an agreement on granting Ankara credit for the purchase of S-400 missile defense systems of Russian production. Their first money contribution was made by Turkey in September. Russia will supply Turkey four S-400 units for $ 2.5 billion. The first batch is to be delivered in March 2020.

Israel and the United States will create a common strategy for counteracting Iran in the Middle East. This was agreed during the visit of the head of the Israeli National Security Council Ben-Shabat to the White House. The countries will create four joint work groups: to counter the Iranian nuclear program; to prevent the construction of missile factories in Iran and Lebanon; on limiting the influence of Tehran in the Middle East and on the suppression of anti-Israeli activities of Hezbollah in Lebanon. In addition, in January, the parties intend to discuss re-imposing anti-Iran sanctions.

In Helwan, the southern suburb of Cairo, the Coptic Church of Marmin was attacked. As a result, at least two policemen and three civilians were killed, and at least 5 other people were injured. One of the attackers was promptly liquidated by security services, he was carrying a suicide belt, the second disappeared. According to preliminary data, the terrorist group «Brothers-Muslims» is involved in the attack.

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