Breaking News, February 2, 2018


The World Anti-Doping Agency expressed concern about the decision of the International Sports Court, which canceled the lifetime disqualification of 28 Russian athletes, and supports the intention of the International Olympic Committee to appeal against it. This is stated in the relevant statement of the agency. Also WADA is unhappy about the decision to partially restore 11 Russian athletes, who by the decision of the International Sports Court, will skip the Games of 2018, but will be able to participate in the Games of 2022.

During the past day the AFU violated the ceasefire 15 times in the DPR, firing 159 units of various ammunition in the front territories of the Republic. During the shelling, mortars of various calibers, BMP weapons, various types of grenade launchers and small arms were used. The areas of seven front-line settlements of the Republic were under the enemy fire, the fire was delivered at the settlements in three directions. The AFU shelled the position of the People’s Militia of the LPR 5 times over the past day. The areas of settlements Logvinovo and Kalinovo were subjected to shelling by means of artillery, mortars of various caliber, as well as various types of grenade launchers and weapons of the APCs.

The delegation of the DPRK, headed by the head of the First Department of Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, Im Cheon Il, went to Moscow for consultations with Russian diplomats on topical issues of cooperation between the two countries. Also during the talks it is planned to discuss the plan of joint activities for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries.

Western experts are increasingly talking about a military confrontation with Russia. In the event of a military conflict, the forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will attempt to strike the western borders of the Russian Federation. American general Paul Selva said that the first clashes of the parties can begin at sea. After this, NATO will deploy its forces in Europe and will move to an air — ground campaign. The main bet will be made on the air force and the American army.

US military aircraft will continue to fly over the Black Sea, said Kenneth McKenzie, spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. This statement was made after the incident with the interception of the US reconnaissance aircraft EP-3E over the Black Sea by the Su-27 fighter. The US Navy said that «the meeting was unsafe,» in particular, it was pointed out that the fighter flew a mile and a half from the plane. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that the interception was carried out in the interests of preventing the crossing of the Russian air border. If the United States «the realization of this fact is the cause of depressions and phobias,» the Defense Ministry noted, the US military is better off «in the future routes of such flights».

The Chinese police found out that the accident with a van with gas cylinders running over pedestrians in Shanghai was not intentional. The driver smoked behind the wheel and because of the fire in the car’s interior failed to manage. Emergency services managed to quickly extinguish the flame, preventing it from spreading to an explosive cargo. Recall that when the minivan hit people in the center of Shanghai, 18 people were injured.

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