Breaking news, November 22nd, 2017


A radar signal was detected by the US Air Force during the search for the missing Argentine submarine San Juan with 44 crew members on board. The signal is a «thermal spot»at the sea that could mean the presence of a large metal object under water. The detected signal is located approximately 70 m deep and 300 km off the coast of Chubut province. Several vessels and planes were sent to the place. Let’s recall that the submarine disappeared from the radar on November 15.

The Syrian Arab Army is conducting an operation to fully envelop the militants in the province of Deir ez Zor in order to stop their escape to uncontrolled territories in the Abu Hammam area. The cleansing operations are continuing in the northern outskirts of the city of Deir ez-Zor and on Hawija island. A few days earlier, a significant number of militants hiding on the island surrendered to government forces.

The Caspian flotilla of the Russian Navy conducted exercises focused on repelling the attack of saboteurs. About 20 ships and 500 servicemen took part in them. At the points of basing, the actions of the duty watchmen and crews were worked out upon receipt of a signal about the threat of a terrorist attack using submarine sabotage groups. Military boats and diving teams carried out an inspection of the water area and search for saboteurs, as well as conducted training grenade launcher for the destruction of conventional combat swimmers.

Gerhard Schröder shared an opinion with Die Zeit that he is convinced that Ukraine is waging a civil war in Donbass. He believes, that Western countries have insufficient influence on the Ukrainian authorities. «Who puts pressure on Kiev? Kiev does too little,» he said, «Kiev is waging a war against Donbass, cutting people off from electricity.» Ex-Chancellor of Germany, believes that «The assumption that the Russians are aggressive, and they have plans for aggression on the Baltic or even Poland are absurd.»

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia delivered a verdict today to the former Bosnian Serb army commander Ratko Mladic, qualifying crimes against the Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica as genocide, persecution, extermination and forcible transfer. Mladic was sentenced to life imprisonment. The lawyers of the convict stated that they intend to file an appeal. The UN Security Council will decide on the instance to consider it.

The Turkish services conduct a check of the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. The reason is a report on the bombs that are allegedly mounted on two «Ukraine International Airlines» planes. Both aircraft are taken to the airport parking lot for inspection.

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