Breaking news, November 2st, 2017


In Deir ez-Zor, the Syrian Arab Army liberated the Jubail area, the southern part of the Hamidiyah district, the central park, a nearby school and a law school building. The areas of the city previously liberated from ISIS militants are now under demining process.

Last night, the Air Defense of Syria reacted to the Israeli Air Force attack, inflicted from the airspace of Lebanon on Syrian targets in the province of Homs. Earth-to-air missiles of the 72nd Division of the Syrian Arab Army reacted to the attack of Israel, there is no data on losses yet, it is known about the explosions in Bekaas al-Ain, al-Jade, Labua and Homs province.

On Wednesday in the city of Unchakhar in India, a boiler blew up at one of the TPPs as a result of the depressurization of the pipe. 26 people were killed, about 80 were injured and hospitalized.

The Ukrainian AF Press service reported that in the south of the country, near the seaside settlement Aleksandrovka of the Kherson region, the flight tests of guided medium-range anti-aircraft missiles began. They involve military aviation crews, units of anti-aircraft missile, radio engineering troops, communications troops and drones. During the tests, combat and simulated anti-aircraft missiles launches will be conducted against drones as targets.

During the past day the AFU violated the ceasefire regime 44 times in the DPR. The shelling was conducted in 15 areas of the Republic by means of tanks, mortars of various calibers, APCs and IFVs weaponry, grenade launchers and small arms. The information about the consequences is specified.

The President of Belarussia Lukashenko and his Ukrainian counterpart Poroshenko discussed the development of trade and economic cooperation at the meeting in the UAE. Lukashenko’s press service noted that, despite various problems and obstacles, the trade turnover between the countries is 3.5 billion dollars. In addition, there is an opportunity to expand cooperation through the interaction of regions. Lukashenko also stressed that between Belarussia and Ukraine there are no problems in terms of political interaction.

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