Breaking News, October 3rd, 2017


During the searches of the room Stephen Paddock, who fired in Las Vegas, the police found 23 weapons. And 19 units were found in his house in Mesquite, New Mexico. Ammonium nitrate was found in the Stephen Paddock’s car. This substance can be used to make explosives. According to the latest data, 59 people were victims, more 527 were injured.

This morning, terrorists attacked the barracks of the border guards in SrinAgar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, in the north of India. At least three servicemen were wounded, one terrorist was killed. The military unit, which was attacked by militants, is adjacent to the international airport Srinagar. All flights are currently canceled, there is a counter-terrorist operation involving combat helicopters.

The police found an explosive device coupled to four gas cylinders in an apartment building in Paris, Le Figaro writes. Five people were detained. The antiterrorist unit of the French Public Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation.

The Iraqi security forces liberated an important city Rashad from the ISIL militants, the second largest in the enclave Khaviji. Government forces also occupied the Rashad airbase and more than 10 villages in the west of the province Kirkuk. Earlier, the Iraqi soldiers also took control of the key military base al-Fatakh to the south of Haviji and they are preparing to begin encirclement of the main city of the enclave.

The organization «ISIL» took responsibility for yesterday’s attack on the police station in Damascus. As a result of the bombing of two suicide bombers at the police station in the Al-Midan district in the south of Damascus, at least 15 people were killed.

3 thousand people, including government officials — the mayor of the city San Vicente dels Horts and the local ministers of education and agriculture came out against the actions of Spanish police on the 1st of October in Barcelona. 893 people suffered.

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