Breaking News, October 4th, 2017


200 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered in the Syrian city Aleppo from Iran. Ten trucks brought food, medicines and children’s clothes. According to the representative of the administration of the province Aleppo Abd al-Gnaim KesAba, the aid will be distributed among the residents of the eastern part of the region, that was released from the militants ISIL in this year.

The State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations checked almost 18,000 hectares of territories from the planned 30.000, that are adjacent to the burned arsenal of armed forces in Kalinovka. 998 explosive items were found, confiscated and handed over to representatives of the arsenal, the website of the ministry said.

The official representative of the Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov announced that as a result of the air strike of the Russian Air Force, 12 field commanders of the group Khayat Tahrir al-Sham, that is known as Jabhat al-Nusra were killed . The head of terrorists Abu Mohammed Julyani was severely wounded, he lost his hand and he is in the critical condition. Also, more 50 militants were killed at the meeting of the leadership.

The Iraqi Army ended the second phase of the operation to release the enclave Hawiji by taking full control of the strategic road Kirkuk-Mosul today. The security forces of the country cleared the eastern part of the enclave, releasing 20 villages and the airbase Tel-Ashtakh. The third stage of the operation will be the release Hawiji. At the moment, the Iraqi army is attacking the ISIL militants in the city from three directions.

The Director of the Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov said that some terrorists, who fought in Syria and Iraq, learned to produce components of chemical weapons and use them. According to Bortnikov, the terrorist leaders established strong ties in Europe and Russia with large organized criminal groups, which supply militants with weapons and documents for its legalization.

The 4th of October is the 24th anniversary of the bloody events of October. When the ruling regime organized a coup, accompanied by armed clashes and brutal suppression of regular civilian actions in Moscow in support of the Supreme Council. It was culminated the shooting of the House of Soviets from tanks and the storming of the building. During these bloody events at least 157 people were killed, about 384 were injured. Among them were journalists who covered the situation, and many citizens.

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