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Missile strike on Damascus 1 Syria The ‘SANA’ news agency reports that on Friday night the Syrian air defenses repelled a missile strike on Damascus. According to the SANA — the Syrian military managed to shot down several [...] Подробнее Turkish strikes in Syria 1 the USA The radio »Voice of America» quoted the Pentagon chief Mark Esper as saying that he did not see an escalation of the situation in Syria due to the clash between the US military and the locals. As [...] Подробнее Erdogan accused Russia of striking the civilians 1 Syria The ‘SANA’ news agency reports, while citing their source in the Syrian military: the Syrian military confirmed the previously published information about a helicopter that was shot down on [...] Подробнее The terrorists shot down a Syrian army helicopter 1. Syria The ‘Al Hadath’ TV reports that on Tuesday the Syrian forces took an operational control over the strategic highway Damascus-Aleppo. It was reported that during the operation — the Syrian [...] Подробнее The Ukrainian troops continue to shell the Donbass 1 On 3rd of February, the Ukrainian troops shelled the settlement of Staromikhaylovka — they used weaponry of IFV. As a result of the shelling — the roof, windows and facade of two residential buildings [...] Подробнее The Turkish artillery shelled the city of Saraqib 1 Syria The ‘Al Jazeera TV’ reports that the Turkish artillery shelled the city of Sarakib and the nearby areas where the Syrian troops are stationed. The shelling was carried out from heavy artillery [...] Подробнее The city of Sarakib is under control of the Syrian army On Monday, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria announced that «The Turkish Air Force did not violate the Syrian border. There were no attacks on the positions of the Syrian [...] Подробнее Escalation in Idlib 1 Syria Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria: The city of Sarakib in the province of Idlib is under the control of the Syrian forces. Earlier, the Syrian army repelled the counterattacks of terrorists in the [...] Подробнее Missile attack on Damascus 1 Syria The SANA news agency reports that the Syrian air defense systems repelled an air attack on Damascus. According to the news agency — the air attack was carried out from the Golan Heights, currently [...] Подробнее Ultimatum to the terrorists in Sarakib 1. Syria On Tuesday, the high command of the Syrian forces presented an ultimatum to the hostile forces, currently surrounded in the city of Sarakib, in the south-east of Idlib province. They were suggested to “Lay [...] Подробнее Turkey is sponsoring the terrorists 1 Syria 2 terrorists, captured by the Syrian military near the city of Aleppo, told during interrogations that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are providing the funding and manpower for the ‘Jebhat al-Nusra’ [...] Подробнее Attack on the Turkish troops in Syria 1 Syria The Turkish National Defense Ministry reported that 4 Turkish soldiers were killed and 9 were injured during a shelling of the Turkish positions in the Idlib province. Ankara claims that the shelling of the [...] Подробнее The number of victims among the civilian population of Donbass is growing 1 On 30th of January, 2 residents of the village of Golubovskoye were injured as a result of a mortar shelling done by the Ukrainian military — an official representative of the LPR People’s Militia, Yakov [...] Подробнее Israel and the Gaza Strip exchanged missile strikes The IDF press service reported that in response to a rocket, launched at the Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip on Thursday — the Israeli fighters and drones attacked several military targets of the radical [...] Подробнее Construction of a Turkish military base in Libya 1 Turkey — Libya The »Al Arabiya TV» reports, while citing their unnamed military sources, that Turkey is negotiating with the Libyan government of the national accord a construction of a military [...] Подробнее
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