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Iran will retaliate to the US for the murder of Suleimani 1 Iran An official spokesman for the Iranian government, Ali Rabii, announced that Iran will respond to the US assassination of the head of the Iranian special forces ‘Quds’, the ‘Islamic [...] Подробнее Volodin: The words of the US ambassador to Poland are insulting 1 Russia — Ukraine Russia and Ukraine signed a package of documents that will allow the continuation of the gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 31st of December 2019. The bilateral negotiations [...] Подробнее The military operation in Idlib continues 1 Syria On Monday the «Al-Watan» newspaper reported that due to the heavy rains in south of Idlib, the Syrian army has suspended the advance of their infantry in that area. The military continues to [...] Подробнее Donbass and Kiev agreed on the exact date of the exchange of PoWs 1 Donbass and Kiev have agreed on an exact date for the exchange of PoWs in «all for all» format — the exchange will take place on 29th of December. The «all for all» exchange of PoWs in [...] Подробнее The Libyan government of the National consent requested air defense systems from Ankara 1 Libya The ‘Sky News Arabia’ TV channel reported with a reference to their source that the Libyan Government of National Consent has officially requested a military assistance from Turkey «on land, [...] Подробнее Military police took over a stronghold in Syria 1 Syria A stronghold in the Syrian village of Tell Samin, previously abandoned by the US military, was taken by the Russian military police. The fortified position is located in a strategic area at the crossroads [...] Подробнее Turkey will send their military to Libya 1 Syria Walid Muallem, the Syrian Foreign Minister, said during an interview to the ‘RT’ that there is no trust between the members of the Syrian constitutional committee. He also underlined that he [...] Подробнее The Syrian army liberated the city of Jarjanaz 1 Syria The ‘al-Watan’ newspaper reported that on Monday, the Syrian army liberated the strategically important city of Jarjanaz, located in the province of Idlib, from the terrorists. The city is [...] Подробнее Missile strike on the outskirts of Damascus 1 Syria The ‘Al Hadath’ TV channel reports that the Israeli air force launched missiles at the Seyyid-Zeynab area, near the highway to the Damascus International Airport, in Syria. According to the [...] Подробнее The DPR are ready to fulfill the conditions of the ceasefire 1 «The People’s Militia of the DPR is ready to fulfill the requirements of the ceasefire agreements» — the People’s Militia Department announced. On Wednesday, the Foreign Minister of the DPR, [...] Подробнее Turkey provided military support to the Libyan Government of National Concent »Al-Arabiya» TV channel reports, while citing their sources, that Turkey sent their special forces, advisers and military equipment to Tripoli. Earlier the government of the national consent of Libya asked [...] Подробнее A new military operation in Syria 1 Syria The «Sham FM» radio station reported that the Syrian army has launched a new military operation in the south-east of the Idlib province. During the operation, the village of Umm-Jalal was liberated [...] Подробнее Impeachment of Trump 1 Syria 12 Syrian troops were injured during an attack on their positions located near the settlements of Umm Halahil and Zarzur, in the Idlib province. This was announced during a briefing by the head of the [...] Подробнее Тhe US military returned to Syria 1 Syria The Mass Media reports: After the start of the Turkish operation «Source of Peace» in Syria — the US military left 16 military bases and roadblocks in Syria. Currently they have returned to 6 [...] Подробнее Joint exercises of the Russian Navy and the Syrian Navy 1 Syria — Russia Joint exercises of the Russian Navy and the Syrian naval forces started in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The exercises will be attended by Russian ships, the aircraft from the [...] Подробнее
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