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The »White Helmets» are preparing a new fake in Idlib 1 Syria The head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Yuri Borenkov, announced that the center received information about an impending provocation by the terrorist group [...] Подробнее A Mi-28N helicopter crashed 1 Syria The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the 15th joint patrol of the Russian military police and the Turkish forces in the Syrian border area, a few tens of kilometers west of the village of Qamishli, [...] Подробнее Damascus intends to regain the sovereignty over the territories 1 Kazakhstan The final statement on the international meeting on Syria in the city of Nur Sultan states the following: The guarantor countries of the Astana process — Russia, Turkey and Iran — rejected [...] Подробнее Тhe Norman Four summit 1 Switzerland The Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency unanimously accepted the recommendation of the organization’s committee to deprive the Russian Anti-Doping Agency of its compliance with the [...] Подробнее Тhe US resumed the talks with the Taliban 1 Afghanistan «The US and the Taliban can sign a peace agreement during this week, and launch the first 48-hour ceasefire in Afghanistan» — the RIA NEWS reports while citing their source. On Sunday, [...] Подробнее The DPR adopted a law on the state border 1 On 2nd of December, the law «On the state border of the Donetsk People’s Republic» entered into force. The document was published on the official website of the People’s Council of the DPR. [...] Подробнее The situation in the Rukban camp is about to become a humanitarian disaster The head of the commission of the Russian Public Chamber on the development of the public diplomacy, humanitarian cooperation and the preservation of the traditional values, Elena Sutormina, announced that she [...] Подробнее An explosion in the province of Aleppo 1 Syria The Syrian news agency SANA reports: At least 5 Turkish servicemen were killed and 12 were injured during a carbomb explosion on late Wednesday evening, in the city of Jarablus, in the eastern Aleppo. The [...] Подробнее »Visa war» 1 Syria “The repair of the strategically important »Al-Ba’ath» hydroelectric power station, located in north of Syria, in the province of Raqqah, has begun” — Vladimir Barnavsky, an officer of [...] Подробнее Fake News in an article from The New York Times 1 Russia On Monday, an official from the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, stated that the information published by ‘The New York Times’ back in August of 2019 about the [...] Подробнее The deputy Iranian Foreign Minister discussed the nuclear deal in Beijing 1 China On Monday, the ‘IRNA’ reported that the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Aragchi and the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu negotiated in Beijing. They discussed the nuclear deal. The [...] Подробнее The Ukrainian forces hinder the work of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission 1 «The Ukrainian troops used electronic warfare stations against the UAVs of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission near the villages of Stepanovka and Umanskoye» — an officer of the press service of [...] Подробнее New provocation of “White Helmets” The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the »Hayat Tahrir al-Sham» group, together with the »White Helmets» organization, are preparing provocations — fake footage of airstrikes and [...] Подробнее Тhe DPR adopted a law on the state border 1 Donbass On Friday, the DPR Parliament passed a law on the state border. The parliament meeting was attended by 76 deputies. They unanimously supported the document during two readings. The chairman of the People’s [...] Подробнее A road accident in the Dominican Republic with Russian tourists 1 The Dominican Republic A bus with 39 Russian tourists collided with a truck and capsized on the highway en route to an airport in the Dominican Republic. No-one died. The heavily wounded tourists were sent by [...] Подробнее
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