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Russia did not violate the ceasefire in Idlib 1 Syria Morgan Ortagus, the head of the US State Department press service, twitted that Russia and Syria allegedly violated the ceasefire in the Idlib Province. Morgan Ortagus announced that the US strongly [...] Подробнее Changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation 1. Syria. During a briefing, the head of the Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yuri Borenkov, denied the reports from a number of mass media outlets that the US military [...] Подробнее The Russian government has resigned 1 Syria — An attack on an air base in Homs (8.00) «The Government Air Force Base ‘T4’, located in the province of Homs, was attacked by combat drones and missiles» — the Syrian [...] Подробнее The terrorists shelled the humanitarian corridor of Al Hader 1 Syria The Syrian TV channel ‘Al Ihbaria’ reported that the terrorists shelled the humanitarian corridor ‘El Hader’, which was established to allow the civilians to leave the [...] Подробнее Negotiations on Libya in Moscow 1 Russia The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the head of the Libyan Government of the National Consent, Faiz Saraj, and the commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, will take part in [...] Подробнее The situation in Donbass continues to be tense 1 The Deputy Minister on the Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov told to reporters some precise data on the situation in the Republic on the New Year and the Christmas days. He said that on 1st and 2nd of January [...] Подробнее Iran shot down the Ukrainian airplane On Saturday, the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff announced that the Ukrainian airplane was shot down by a mistake. It was noted that on Friday, the head and the spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, [...] Подробнее Iran made a statement on the «black boxes» 1 Iran «The passenger airplane of the ‘Ukraine International Airlines’, which crashed in Iran, wasn’t shot down by a missile» — the head of the ‘Iranian Civil Aviation [...] Подробнее Investigation of the Boeing 737 crash 1 Iran The Civil Aviation Organization of Iran has published a report on the initial investigation of the crash of the fallen Ukrainian airplane Boeing 737. According to the report — the airplane caught fire [...] Подробнее Baghdad imposed restrictions on the movement of the coalition forces 1 Iraq The representative of the Iraqi armed forces, Abdel Kerim Half, announced that Baghdad imposed restrictions on the ground and air movement of the international coalition forces in Iraq. According to Abdel [...] Подробнее Iran will retaliate to the US for the murder of Suleimani 1 Iran An official spokesman for the Iranian government, Ali Rabii, announced that Iran will respond to the US assassination of the head of the Iranian special forces ‘Quds’, the ‘Islamic [...] Подробнее Volodin: The words of the US ambassador to Poland are insulting 1 Russia — Ukraine Russia and Ukraine signed a package of documents that will allow the continuation of the gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 31st of December 2019. The bilateral negotiations [...] Подробнее The military operation in Idlib continues 1 Syria On Monday the «Al-Watan» newspaper reported that due to the heavy rains in south of Idlib, the Syrian army has suspended the advance of their infantry in that area. The military continues to [...] Подробнее Donbass and Kiev agreed on the exact date of the exchange of PoWs 1 Donbass and Kiev have agreed on an exact date for the exchange of PoWs in «all for all» format — the exchange will take place on 29th of December. The «all for all» exchange of PoWs in [...] Подробнее The Libyan government of the National consent requested air defense systems from Ankara 1 Libya The ‘Sky News Arabia’ TV channel reported with a reference to their source that the Libyan Government of National Consent has officially requested a military assistance from Turkey «on land, [...] Подробнее
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