Counter-attack on Haftar’s army || Weekly News, 13th of April, 2019


On Tuesday morning, a fighter jet of the Libyan National Army, led by the Field Marshal Khalafa Haftar, attacked the Tripoli International Airport — the Sky News Arabia tv channel reported. The aircraft targeted positions of the armed formations, loyal to the »government of national consent», led by Faiz Saraj, and currently ruling the capital. There is no information about the results of the bombing yet — TASS reports. On 4th of April, Haftar ordered to attack Tripoli. On 5th of April the international airport was captured. On Monday, the Libyan National Army announced their control over the majority of sub-urban areas of Tripoli. The Government of National Consent announced the start of a counter-offensive operation against the army of Haftar.

In the Al-Aziziya region, 40 kilometers away from Tripoli, the Libyan National Army, commanded by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, captured a military base loyal to the Government of National Consent, ruled by the Prime Minister Faiz Saraj. “After a brutal fight in the Al-Aziziya region — the army captured the military base, thus showing their high professionalism. After taking the full control over the base — combat vehicles were found at the location» — TASS quotes the Libyan National Army. It was also reported that as a result of the operation — several fighters from the groups loyal to the Government of National Consent, recognized by the international community, were captured.

In response to the recognition of the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Huan Guaido by the council of the Organization of the American States — Caracas declared its exit from the Organization. The Ministry of External Affairs of Venezuela called that decision »One of the most saddening», and also spoke about »vulgar use of blackmail and pressure» on the Organization, which are aimed to »fulfill the demands of the USA» — RIA NEWS reports. Venezuela will leave the Organization on 27th of April, »in accordance with a complaint» from 2 years ago. Caracas declared that the Organization is »kneeling before the imperial interests» of Washington. At the end of April of 2017 Venezuela sent a letter to the Organization in which the country officially declared its exit.

The terrorists continue the preparations of the provocations with the use of poisonous substances in Idlib. «As it was noted earlier — the terrorists are preparing a provocation with the use of the poisonous substances in Idlib, with the help from the experts of the ‘White Helmets’ organization» — reporters of ANNA NEWS reported. According to the experts of the ANNA NEWS — the US are coordinating the Western-made provocations in Idlib.

The plans of Seoul to deploy F-35A fighter-jets could jeopardize the peaceful mood on the Korean Peninsula — the North Korean mass media announced. North Korea called the purchase of the stealth fighters «a hostile act». The statement says that it will escalate the military tensions in the region. In late March, South Korea bought 2 American F-35A fighter jets. The date of their full operational deployment hasn’t yet been determined. Back in 2014, Seoul decided to buy 40 F-35A fighters for the deployment until 2021. The deal is worth of $6.5 billions of dollars.

The servicemen of the DPR prevented an attempt of the Ukrainian forces to attack the staff of the OSCE mission — said the spokesman of the DPR’s operational command, Daniel Bezsonov. According to him, the vehicle of the OSCE was on a patrol route. The Ukrainian troops tried to use a UAV to drop 2 mortar shells on the car. The DPR servicemen detected the UAV in the nick of time, and shot it down. Daniel Bezsonov underlined that the drone attack was carried out in order to accuse the DPR in the attack, thus provoking an international reaction. A second sabotage attempt was carried out later, he added. “Knowing for sure that the OSCE staff members work in the area of the settlement of Dolomitnoye — the commander of the 30th mechanized brigade Garaz ordered to open mortar fire on the area” — the official explained and added that the DPR military personnel didn’t respond to the provocative bombardment — RIA NEWS reports.

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