Criminal case against Huan Guaido || Breaking News, 4th of April, 2019


The United States are ready to confront Russia in Cuba, Venezuela, and the entire Western Hemisphere — said the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “It is a pity that the previous administration of the United States allowed Russia to spread its influence in Cuba, and the rest of the Western Hemisphere. We are very focused on fixing it. Venezuela is one of such places. We can see the Russian influence in other places as well. I will visit this region during the next week, and talk about this threat”- TASS quotes Mike Pompeo. “I tried to convince Russia that Venezuela isn’t in their interests, but I failed. Now we will use other methods, just so Venezuela can get a well-deserved democracy without the negative influence of Cuba and Russia» — the US Secretary of State concluded.

A criminal case against the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaydo, who declared himself an interim president, has been opened in Venezuela — Interfax reports. The process will be done by the Supreme Court and the Attorney General of the country. As stated by a member of the National Assembly of Venezuela, García Serpa, “a decision regarding Huan Guaydo will be made by the legal system, based on the evidence”. According to him, Huan Guaydo «must answer for everything he did, and for the betrayal of the homeland». Earlier Huan Guaydo was deprived of his parliamentary immunity by the decision of the National Assembly of Venezuela, and by the recommendation of the country’s Supreme Court. Huan Guaydo, after the announcement of this decision, declared that he won’t stop his fight against the authorities.

The US Vice President Mike Pence announced that Turkish purchase of the Russian S-400 AA systems is a serious concern for Washington and it poses a threat to the unity of the NATO. “Turkey needs to choose whether it wants to remain a key partner of the most successful military alliance in history, or risk the reliability of this partnership by making such decision that undermines our alliance” — he said on Wednesday at the Atlantic Council. According to him, Turkish purchase of the Russian AA air systems represents a serious threat to NATO. In turn, the vice-president of Turkey Fuat Oktay replied that Ankara also offers Washington a choice — «to remain an ally of Turkey, or risk the friendship by joining forces with the terrorists». According to Ankara, the actions of the US «undermine the defense of their NATO ally against their enemies», by which he meant the US support given to the Syrian Kurds, whom Ankara considers to be terrorists.

The House of Commons of the British Parliament, by a margin of one vote, supported the idea of postponing of the Brexit — RIA NEWS reports. A bill was put for the vote, according to which the UK government will have to ask for a delay in order to avoid the Brexit without a deal. Now London will have to ask the EU to postpone Brexit, if the deal won’t be approved by the British Parliament by 12th of April. In the case of approval of the bill by the House of Lords — The head of the UK government, Theresa May, will decide for how long the Brexit will be postponed.

The EU rejects the decision of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela to deprive the opposition leader Juan Guaydo of his parliamentary immunity — the EU diplomacy chief Federica Mogherini stated on Thursday in Brussels. “The EU rejects the decision of the unrecognized Constitutional Assembly to abolish Juan Guaydo’s parliamentary immunity. This decision is a serious violation of the Venezuelan constitution, as well as the rule of the law, and the separation of the powers, since the only body that is authorized to revoke the parliamentary immunity is the National Assembly». On Wednesday, the National Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela decided to deprive Huan Guaido of his parliamentary immunity. After that, a criminal case was opened against Huan Guaydo.

The NATO enhance their nuclear component during military exercises. This was stated by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. “We can see that lately the NATO has been enhancing the nuclear component in the exercises, conducted both by the alliance itself, and by its separate countries” — TASS quotes his words. In particular, he noted, the US strategic bombers were involved in the NATO exercises, and they «flew in the areas extremely important for the Russian security interests». According to the Deputy Foreign Minister — the number of exercises “with the use of nuclear weapons” gets bigger. On Wednesday, the US bombers, during the exercises, performed training nuclear strikes on Russia.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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