Elections in the USA / Fights in Karabakh


1 The USA. Elections.

The counting continues after the end of the election in the USA. The current president, Republican Donald Trump, and Democrat Joe Biden are fighting for the presidency of the USA. Both candidates are sure in their victory. Donald Trump stated that he won the election, but the vote count was slowed down. According to Donald Trump — Joe Biden realized that he can’t win the election, so he decided to start a legal battle. Donald Trump mentioned that he had predicted such an outcome. He added that he will appeal to the US Supreme Court due to the electoral situation. Joe Biden’s electoral HQ also announced that they are ready to seek help from the courts in order to ensure that all ballots that were cast in the elections are properly processed.

2. Azerbaijan. Aliyev’s statements

The Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated during an interview to the Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ that all the Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh will be guaranteed their rights on a peaceful and dignified life. He mentioned that until the 1980s, 25% of the population in Nagorno-Karabakh was Azerbaijani. Aliyev called the reports that the Armenians will be, allegedly, subjected to a genocide in Nagorno-Karabakh to be a «low-quality propaganda». He strongly denied the claims that Azerbaijan receives military support from Turkey. In his words, the Turkish support is «only moral and political». Ilham Aliyev underlined that there is no evidence of the presence of Islamic terrorists, that are currently taking part in the hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, among the Azerbaijani forces. He confirmed that Azerbaijan is ready to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh issue by the military means. «We have always demonstrated our readiness for the negotiations. But we are also ready to resolve the issue with force, which we are doing right now. We don’t need a permission to liberate our own occupied territories» — Aliyev concluded.

3. Azerbaijan. Shelling.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported about a shelling of the Terter region by the Armenian troops. «The Armenian troops shelled the town of Terter and the village of Shiharh in Terter region» — the message on the Telegram channel of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry stated. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported about the shelling of villages in Terter, Agjabedin and Agdam regions.

4 Nagorno-Karabakh. Shelling.

The press secretary of the Armenian Defense Ministry, Shushan Stepanyan, reported on Facebook that on Wednesday morning, the forces of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic detected a sabotage group of the Azerbaijani army near the city of Shusha. Stepanyan reported that parts of the Shusha-Berdzor road in the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic were blocked, since the defense forces of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic are looking for the Azerbaijani sabotage groups. The Armenian informational center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Armenia reported with a reference to the statement of the State Emergency Service of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic that the Azerbaijani forces shelled the city of Shusha from heavy weapons. It was reported that there are victims among the civilians. The city took a lot of damage.

5. Syria. Terrorist provocations.

The deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Rear-Admiral Alexander Grinkevich, announced that the terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib intend to fire at the Turkish positions, and blame the Syrian military for the shelling. «According to our information — the terrorist organizations are planning to shell an area near the village of Tedil, in Idlib province, with mortars and MLRS. The terrorists intend to post a video footage of the consequences of the shelling on their web platforms, in order to accuse the Syrian troops of shelling of the Turkish positions» — Alexander Grinkevich explained and added that the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties once again calls on the commanders of the illegal armed groups to abandon their provocations, and take the path of a peaceful settlement of the situation in the areas under their control.

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