Guaydo won’t negotiate with the president Maduro


Donald Trump announced that he reached an agreement with the Democrats to cease the longest shutdown in the US history, which lasted for 35 days. The work of the government will be resumed only for 3 weeks however — until 15th of February. It is assumed that a long-term budget will be negotiated during this time. Donald Trump also said that if the White House fails to agree with the Congress on the allocation of $ 5.7 billions of dollars, needed to build the wall on the border with Mexico — he will close the government again, or he will use the powers provided by the laws, and the US Constitution, and introduce the state of emergency on 15th of February.

At least 50 people died, about 200 are missing after the breaking of the dam in the state of Minas Gerais in south-eastern Brazil — Interfax reports while citing Brazilian TV and radio network ‘Globa’. The incident occurred at the mine ‘Mina Feijao’, near the city of Brumadinho. The dam was owned by the mining company »Vale». The company reported that the whereabouts of 100 out of the 300 employees, that were caught by the incident, were established. The water reached the administrative buildings of the company, and the neighboring residential area. Firefighters and rescuers were sent to the site.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that he is ready to meet with the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaydo without any prior conditions. However, Juan Guaydo told to his supporters that he «isn’t inclined to a false dialogue with the Maduro government». Juan Guaydo added that he won’t negotiate with Nicolas Maduro because the government itself, as Juan Guaydo thinks, «is just trying to gain some time». “The only possible issue that should be discussed at the present time are free elections” — TASS quotes his words. Earlier, the United States announced their recognition of Juan Guaydo as the Venezuelan President, and demanded Nicholas Maduro to resign. In response, the Venezuelan president broke off the diplomatic relations with the United States and announced the closure of the Venezuelan diplomatic missions in the United States.

Washington asked Moscow to help them to find «the right agenda for the negotiations with the DPRK on the specific aspects of the denuclearization» — said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov. On Friday, Igor Morgulov held a meeting with the Special Representative of the US State Department on the DPRK — Stephen Beagan, in Washington. “The meeting was generally constructive” — RIA NEWS reports. «The US hope that the upcoming summit with the DPRK will give the momentum needed to turn the denuclearization process to the practical direction” — said Igor Morgulov and added that Russia is ready “to contribute to the discussion of the measures and steps, aimed for the resolution of the situation in the region».

As a result of the pressure from the United States — the Bank of England didn’t let the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to take back the gold of the Bolivarian Republic — RIA NEWS reports with a reference to the Bloomberg. The sources of the Bloomberg reported that the gold is worth of 1.2 billions of dollars. The Bank of England decided to not return the gold after the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, US National Security Advisor John Bolton, and some other US officials pressured London on this issue. The United States want to direct the foreign assets of Venezuela to Juan Guaydo, the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela. Washington seemingly hopes to increase his chances of gaining control over the government.

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