Impeachment of Trump


1 Syria

12 Syrian troops were injured during an attack on their positions located near the settlements of Umm Halahil and Zarzur, in the Idlib province. This was announced during a briefing by the head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yuri Borenkov. “After a massive shelling of the positions of the government forces by multiple MLRS and artillery pieces — the positions of the Syrian army near the settlements of Umm Halakhil and Zarzur in the Idlib province were attacked by up to 200 terrorists and 10 pick-up trucks armed with large-caliber weaponry” — Borenkov explained. 3 terrorists were killed during the attack. About a hundred terrorists, supported by tanks and APCs, have recently attacked the positions of the Syrian army near Tamana, and on a strategic height near Zaituna, in the Idlib province. The Syrian army repelled all the attacks.

2 Syria

Another joint patrol of the Russian military police and the Turkish forces took place in Syria, in the border area located several tens of kilometers east of the settlement of Qamishli — the Russian Ministry of Defense reports. The air patrol of the area was carried out by the Russian military helicopters. The patrol route went from the customs crossing point at the settlement of Deiruna Aga to the west, along the Syrian-Turkish border.

3 The USA

The US House of Representatives have impeached the President Donald Trump on two counts — an abuse of power, and an obstruction of the Congress work on the impeachment. The meeting in the House of Representatives lasted for 11 hours. The Democrats, who have the majority in the lower house of the US Congress, voted ‘for’ the impeachment. The Republicans were ‘against’ it. The case goes to the Senate.

4 India

On Thursday, at least 11 major Indian cities will have mass protests against the adoption of the citizenship law. The ‘NDTV’ reported that the police refused to issue a permission for the demonstrations in 3 cities: in New Delhi, Lucknow and Bangalore. “Despite the lack of a permission to hold the demonstrations — the protests can still take place” — the TV channel noted. The authorities of New Delhi are taking increased security measures. The local schools were closed in several city districts. The passage of vehicles through the streets in the areas of possible protests is limited. The mobile communications and the Internet access are temporarily disabled in some areas of New Delhi.

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