Iran shot down the Ukrainian airplane


On Saturday, the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff announced that the Ukrainian airplane was shot down by a mistake. It was noted that on Friday, the head and the spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered an urgent meeting of the Supreme Council of National Security of the country. During this meeting it was decided to announce on Saturday that the airplane was mistakenly shot down by the Iranian air defense system — TASS reports.

The representative of the Iraqi armed forces, Abdel Kerim Half, announced that Baghdad imposed restrictions on the ground and air movement of the international coalition forces in Iraq. According to Abdel Kerim Half — Washington didn’t inform the General Command of the Iraqi Armed Forces about their operations. He stated that «One can’t close his eyes to the recent American attacks.» The Iraqi authorities began to prepare the process of the withdrawal of the US troops. Earlier, the Iraqi parliament approved a resolution that required the Iraqi government to withdraw all the foreign troops from Iraq.

«About 7 people were injured during the riots near the building of the presidential administration of Abkhazia» — said the Secretary of the country’s Security Council, Mohamed Kilba. Earlier, the Abkhaz opposition organized their field HQ near the presidential administration building. They intend to not leave the area until the head of the republic, Raul Khadjimba, resigns, and until a new presidential elections are announced. At the moment, Raul Khadjimba is fully carrying out his duties as the head of the state.

«The US armed forces plan to create a specialized unit to counter Russia and China. The unit will be deployed, presumably, on the islands east of the Philippines and Taiwan» — Bloomberg reports. According to the Bloomberg — the task force will be able to launch high-precision long-range missiles, possibly hyper-sonic, capable of hitting land and sea targets. The special unit will also be able to carry out cyber operations — Bloomberg concluded.

«The German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Russia on 11th of January by an invitation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin» — the Kremlin press service reports. «It is planned to discuss relevant topics on the international agenda, including the situation in Syria, Libya, and the escalation of tension in the Middle East as a result of an American air strike on Baghdad airport on 3rd of January during Merkel’s visit» — the Kremlin press service specified. The settlement of the internal Ukrainian conflict will also be discussed in the context of the summit’s agreements in the “Norman format”. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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