Israel struck at Damascus


On Monday night, the Syrian air defenses repelled a missile attack on the cities of Damascus and Homs — TASS reports while citing the SANA agency. According to the SANA — the missiles were launched by Israeli military aircraft from Lebanese airspace. As a result of the missile attack — 4 people were killed, over 20 were injured in the countryside near the city of Damascus. As Reuters reported — the representatives of the Israeli Defense Forces declined to comment the event. The Israeli Air Forces periodically attack their target sites in Syria on which, according to them, the fighters of the Shia Hezbollah movement that support Damascus, and the Iranian military advisers are located.

The Council of Commissioners of the »Conservative People’s Party of Estonia» announced that due to the decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to restore the authority of the Russian delegation — the issue of Estonian future participation in the work of the Council of Europe should be put to a vote in the parliament. «We believe that Estonia should suspend the participation in an organization that has lost its moral authority. The decision whether to continue or suspend the work in the Council of Europe should be made not only by the Estonian government, but also by the members of parliament» — Interfax quoted the statement of the Council. Earlier, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and Georgia decided to prepare a joint draft resolution in which they would oppose the return of Russia to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

A powerful explosion took place in the diplomatic district of Kabul, near the US Embassy. According to the local television channel ‘TOLO News’ — at least 68 people were injured as a result of the explosion. The »Reuters» reported that the explosion occurred in a densely populated area where the building of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan and numerous diplomatic missions of the foreign countries are located. The eyewitnesses say that a gunshot was also heard at the explosion site. The police chief of Kabul, Firdous Faramaz, confirmed the explosion, but he couldn’t clarify the details.

The Air Forces of the Libyan National Army, commanded by Khalifa Haftar, destroyed a Turkish drone during an air strike on the Mitiga Airport, near Tripoli. The Libyan National Army announced that the Turkish military UAV specialists are collaborating with the government of national consent in Tripoli. The UAV was destroyed when «it was ready to take off and bombard the positions of the Libyan army» — TASS reports while referring to the Al-Arabiya TV channel. The Libyan National Army also reported that «two Turks were arrested because of the Ankara’s support to the illegal armed groups.» «The detainees provided support to the militarized units», end of quote. Later, the speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Agila Salah Isa, stated that due to threats from Turkey, a general mobilization begins in Libya.

The Taliban claimed the responsibility for the explosion in Kabul this morning — Interfax reports while citing the Afghan news agency ‘Khaama Press’. A terrorist car bomb exploded near the logistics center of the Afghan Ministry of Defense. According to the Taliban spokesman — after the explosion, the terrorists opened fire on the military. According to the medics, the explosion killed 1 person. 65 were injured. Some mass media agencies reported that the death toll can range from 10 to 34 people. The explosion in Kabul occurred in the morning rush hour, near the area in which the foreign embassies, including the US, are located.

In the third quarter of 2019, Poland and the United States will sign an agreement on the establishment of an American combat training center on the territory of Poland. The center will be built in the Drava-Pomorsky region in northern Poland — the Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaščák announced on the Polish radio. Earlier, the United States and Poland agreed on the deployment of a squadron of American reconnaissance drones MQ-9 on the Polish territory. As well as on the increase of the number of American troops deployed in Poland by a 1,000 of servicemen. Poland intends to prepare all the necessary infrastructure for the deployment of US military and equipment on their own expenses. And also to build a military airfield for their transfer.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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