Kiev sent extremists to the front line


1 Almost 50 militants of the extremist organization «Ukrainian Volunteer Army», which is part of the «Right Sector» politcal party, were sent to the contact line to the north of the town of Gorlovka — the head of the press service of the People’s Militia Department of the Republic, Daniil Bezsonov, announced. He explained that the militants will be deployed at a military base of one of the battalions of the Ukrainian nationalist regiment »Azov» near the village of Novo-luganskoe, located at the front line north of the town of Gorlovka.

2 On 18th of August the Ukrainian troops once again shelled the village of Kominternovo with large-caliber small arms in order to start fires. As a result of shelling — the local fields and farm buildings caught fire.

3 Ukrainian troops placed landmines on the road along the route of the patrol of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission near the village of Zolotoy in order to not let the observers reach the area in which the weaponry, prohibited by the Minsk agreements, was stationed. An officer of the press service of the LPR People’s Militia Department, Ivan Filiponenko, announced.

4 Last night, a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group tried to approach the positions of the DPR near ​the village of Kominternovo. They ran into a minefield and suffered losses, then the group retreated — the press service of the People’s Militia Department of the Republic reported. “At 21:35, our observers at the defense line near the village of Kominternovo could see, via their night vision devices, an advancing enemy group that was coming from the direction of the village of Gnutovo” — the report specifies. The DPR servicemen decided to not open fire just yet, and continue to observe the group. A few minutes later, one of the Ukrainian servicemen stepped on a signal mine and gave away the group’s exact position. While trying to leave the area the Ukrainian troops ran into a minefield. “As a result of the explosion of two anti-personnel landmines, at least four invaders were injured. One was in a heavy condition — he was evacuated by one of the Ukrainian servicemen” — the People’s Militia Department concluded.

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