Military bus exploded in Syria


1 Syria

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that a bus, carrying Syrian soldiers, exploded near an army hostel in the Masakin al-Kharas district of Damascus. According to the SANA, the bus driver died from the explosion. 3 people were injured — they were taken to a hospital. The SANA reported that the accident was caused by a short circuit in the electrical wiring of the bus, which caused the fuel tank to self-ignite.

2 Afghanistan

8 people were killed and 20 were injured as a result of a night time attack on the house of the Minister of Defense of Afghanistan, in Kabul — the local mass media reported. A car bomb exploded near the house of the minister. After the explosion, armed people broke into the house. The security forces engaged in a firefight with the attackers. The attackers also invaded civilian homes. It was noted that the minister wasn’t in the house — his family was evacuated. According to the mass media reports — 4 terrorists were involved in the attack. The attack ended in 4 hours.

3 Afghanistan

’The Wall Street Journal’ reported that the commander of the Taliban who is leading the attacks on the provincial capital of Helmand, the city of Lashkar Gah, has been released under the US pressure as a concession during the negotiations with the Taliban. The 1TV reported that 38 civilians were killed and 156 were injured during the fierce fighting between the government troops and the terrorists in the Helmand province. The fighting has been going on for several days by now.

4 The USA — Afghanistan

The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated that the USA will continue the air-strikes to support the Afghan military and security forces. He didn’t go into details about how such decisions are being made. John Kirby added that the Afghan Air Forces are carrying out air-strikes to support their ground forces as well, and they are doing more air-strikes than the USA.

5 Israel — Lebanon

The IDF artillery fired at targets along the border with Lebanon as a response to 3 rockets, fired at Israel. Earlier the IDF press service reported that 3 rockets were fired from Lebanon at Israel. It was reported that 2 rockets fell on the Israeli territory. 1 couldn’t fly over the border.

6 The USA

The Pentagon has confirmed the death of a police officer who was attacked outside the Pentagon building. At least 3 people were injured as well. Earlier it was reported that a shooting took place at a nearby metro station near the Pentagon building. The local mass media reported that the shooter was killed. The Pentagon stated that it is still too early to call the shooting a terrorist attack. An investigation is underway. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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