Military operation in Hama


1 Iraq

The »Sky News Arabia» TV reported while citing their sources in the Iraqi security service that a US Air Force military cargo-plane C-130 crashed while landing at the ‘Al-Taji’ military base, in Iraq. The cargo-plane rolled out of the runway, and hit a wall. As a result — 4 servicemen on board were injured. The HQ of the »Operation Unshakable Determination» announced that »it happened on 8th of June, at about 10:10 pm by the local time». It was noted that »the incident isn’t related to the enemy actions».

2 Syria

The «Al-Masdar» news website reported that the Syrian army regained control over the villages of Al Manar and Al Fatrah, in the north of the province of Hama. Previously those settlements were captured by the terrorists from the »Horas ad-Din» group. The liberation of the two villages was carried out with the support of aviation and artillery, which attacked the terrorists first. The terrorists suffered losses, and retreated to the territory of the Idlib province. The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria announced that the terrorist group »Jabhat al-Nusra» tried to capture the settlement of Tanjar, in the southern part of the Idlib DMZ. The terrorists even managed to break the local defenses. «Their attack was repelled by the return fire of the Syria aviation and artillery. The government troops regained their positions on the front lines» — said the head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Rear-Admiral Alexander Shcherbitsky. He underlined that the terrorists lost more than 30 people, killed and wounded. 3 pick-ups with heavy machine guns were destroyed as well.

3 Syria

The »SANA» news agency reported that the recently arrived US convoy entered the territory of the northern province of Hasakah. A convoy of 40 military trucks, escorted by military SUVs, crossed the Al-Valeed crossing point and headed to the US base, located near the ‘Kharab Al-Jir’ airfield. The »SANA» underlined that the USA continue to fortify their illegal military bases in the Syrian region of Al Jazeera.

4 Libya

The spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major-General Ahmed Al-Mismari, stated during a press conference in Benghazi that the LNA is changing the strategy — they will start to actively use aviation. He also spoke about the crimes committed by the troops of the Government of National Accord in the city of Tarhun, which was taken by the GNA on 5th of June. «They committed robbery, seizure of property, they humiliated the dignity of the citizens» — al-Mismari said. According to him — over 20,000 people left the city. Al-Mismari called on the NATO countries to «respond to the Turkish attacks». The »Al-Hadath» TV reported while citing a statement from the LNA command that the LNA air defense forces shot down a Turkish UAV to the west of the strategically important city of Sirt. The drone tried to attack the LNA positions. The »Al-Hadath» TV reported that the supporters of Haftar are sending “significant reinforcements” to Sirt.

5 Libya

The »Libyan National Petroleum Corporation» announced that unknown armed men broke into the largest Libyan oil field, ‘Al-Sharara’, and demanded to stop the oil production — the corporation reported on Facebook, on Tuesday. The management of the «Libyan National Oil Corporation» instructed their employees to not obey «any orders related to the operation and the maintenance on the oil field due to the lack of competence and the lack of understanding of the consequences». The statement explained that the shutdown of the oil production could lead to «extremely serious consequences for the infrastructure of the oil field itself, and for Libya in general». The ‘Al-Hadath’ TV reports that the unknown armed men are from the Libyan National Army, commanded by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

6 China

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying stated during a briefing that China has no plans to participate in any 3-way disarmament negotiations. «We have repeatedly stated our position. China does not intend to take part in the trilateral disarmament negotiations with Russia and the USA» — she stated. Earlier it was reported that the special envoy of the US President on the arms control, Marshall Billingsley, and the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Ryabkov, will hold negotiations in Vienna on the matter of nuclear weapons, and on the extension of the ‘NEW Start’ treaty. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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