Moscow Prepares US Response on Security Guarantees


1 The USA — Ukraine

«The US forces won’t take part in the military operations in Ukraine if a Russian invasion takes place» — the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told the MSNBC. He added that Washington excludes the use of the US forces even in the evacuation of Americans from Ukraine, since it would «increase the risk of miscalculation, and increase the likelihood of a collision between the Russian and American forces». John Kirby added that Joe Biden «made it clear that the US forces won’t fight in Ukraine».

2 Belarus — Russia

Belarusian and Russian jet fighters Su-30SM patrolled the borders of the Union State as part of the joint training ’Allied Resolve — 2022’ — the Russian Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense reported on 14th of February. “Flights of aircraft were carried out both alone and in pairs, in difficult meteorological conditions. During the flights, the combat duty interaction of the pilots of the Russian Air Force and the Air Force of Belarus was worked out”- the Russian Ministry of Defense added. It was the 2nd such patrol in February, and 5th since the start of 2022.

3 Syria

Residents of the village of Tel Dahab in north of Hasakah province blocked the passage of a US convoy — the SANA News reported. The local sources noted that the villagers blocked the road for 6 US APCs, which were trying to pass through the village, while being escorted by a military vehicle of the terrorists from the «Kasad» group. The locals threw stones at the Americans and forced them to leave the area.

4 Syria

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Oleg Syromolotov, stated that the Russian troops in Syria have an information about the plans of the US intelligence agencies to push the sleeping extremists in Syria towards actions against the local military, and the military from Russia and Iran. Supposedly they are taking the needed measures for that. Earlier, the press service of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service reported that the US intelligence services plan to direct the sleeping cells of extremists in Damascus and the province of Latakia to carry out actions against the members of the Syrian law enforcement agencies, as well as Russian and Iranian military personnel — the TASS noted.

5 Russia

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated in a meeting with Vladimir Putin that Russia has prepared a 10-page document in which Russia sets out a response to the USA and the NATO responses to the Russian security guarantee proposals. Sergei Lavrov reported to Putin that the Foreign Ministry, together with other departments, had carefully studied the US response to the Russian proposal. The West reacted negatively to the key issues, such as non-expansion of the NATO, non-deployment of strike weapons, and the return of the military-political configuration in Europe to the positions of 1997 — the RIA NEWS added. «Of course, this can’t satisfy us» — the minister concluded.

6 Mali

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Oleg Syromolotov, stated that the situation in Mali is getting worse. The authorities of Mali will remain face to face with the terrorist groups. «The French are finishing the ’Operation Barkhane’. They are pulling their troops from 3 bases. The European operation ’Takuba’ also has no prospects — it is falling apart. The Mali authorities are being left alone with the terrorists» — he said during a Russian Federal Council meeting on the topic of «International cooperation in the fight against the global challenges and threats, including the crisis of the arms control». Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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