Putin and Maduro meeting in the Kremlin


1 the USA

On Wednesday, the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a decision to initiate a procedure, needed to determine if there is any reason to declare an impeachment to Donald Trump. «The president must be accountable for his actions. No-one is above the law» — Nancy Pelosi concluded. Earlier, Donald Trump said that such a move by the Democrats that hold the majority in the House of Representatives doesn’t pose a danger to him. This will only help him to achieve a re-election in 2020. Earlier, Donald Trump’s main rival in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden, announced that the president and his administration should provide Congress with the information for the on-going investigations, by which he meant the transcript of the July telephone conversation of Donald Trump with the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. If this won’t happen — the congressmen could initiate an impeachment procedure against the head of state.

2. Russia

Vladimir Putin sent letters to dozens of NATO countries with a suggestion for a moratorium on the deployment of medium and short range missiles in Europe and other countries — the »Kommersant» newspaper reports, while citing their diplomatic source. The letters were received by all the NATO members, China, the head of the EU foreign affairs department Federica Mogherini , and the NATO Secretary General — Jens Stoltenberg. The letters called for a refraining from the deployment of the medium and short range missiles in Europe via a moratorium in the NATO, and to support a similar decision by Russia. According to the source of the »Kommersant» — the NATO believes that such missiles have already been deployed in Russia. NATO didn’t take Moscow’s offer seriously.

3. Saudi Arabia

Due to the attack on the Saudi oil facilities, Riyadh, together with its allies, is considering various options of a retaliatory action, which includes economic and military options. The Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubare, announced. According to him, Riyadh will “put the blame” after the investigation. Currently the country’s authorities believe that “Iran bears the responsibility”, since “it was the Iranian weaponry” — the ‘Al-Hadas’ reports. In the near future, Riyadh intends to «increase the pressure» on Tehran. The “diplomatic, economic and military” options are being considered. Adel Al-Jubair added that the country intends to «avoid the war at all costs», but it won’t «sit with its hands tied behind its back while the Iranians continue to attack». Earlier, the US Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East Affairs, David Schenker, announced the US plan to declassify the information on the investigation of the attack on the Saudi oil facilities.

4 the USA

The National Nuclear Safety Administration in the US Department of Energy reported a successful testing of the atomic bomb B61. The tests took place in August, on a training ground in Nevada. The agency specified that the tests were carried out with the support of NATO, as part of the B61 life extension program. The program includes an upgrade of the components of the bomb, an improvement of the reliability of the B61 and an enhancement of the security systems. In 2020, it is planned to carry out the final tests. The US brigadier-general Ty Newman believes that the modernized bomb should «enhance the strategic deterrence» and «reassure the US allies». The US plan to deploy the B61-12 at their military bases in Europe — in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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