Reporters of ANNA NEWS came under fire


Reporters of ANNA NEWS came under fire when they were filming the outskirts of the village of Kalinovo. They did film the shelling coming from the Ukrainian army. The event is quite important in itself since the Ukrainian soldiers shelled a civilian car with fragmentation ammunition. The residents of the front-line village Kalinovo told to the reporters of ANNA NEWS about the dangerous situation in their village since the end of the election of the Ukrainian President. They also showed the latest craters, left from the shelling. The fact of shelling of the village of Kalinovo by the Ukrainian artillery with shells, banned by the UN Convention, was duly noted. Judging by the found shell fragments — it is highly likely that the Ukrainian army used 122 mm howitzer shells. The shell contained 5000 of arrow-shaped damaging elements. The guns of the D-30 howitzer, or 2S1 SPA ‘Gvozdika’ fire such shells. The fact of shelling with the prohibited shells indicates that the Ukrainian warmongers continue to impose their aggression upon the inhabitants of Donbass. By the sheer luck — that one shell exploded inside the ground. Otherwise — there would be civilian casualties.

During the celebration of Holy Christ’s Resurrection — the Ukrainian troops are still fighting with the civilians of Donbass and their residential buildings with particular cruelty. On the third day of celebrations, from the positions of the 30th mechanized brigade in the Svetlodar arc, the Ukrainian military fired at the village of Molochnoye, near the town of Uglegorsk. Last night, another provocation of the Ukrainian troops almost killed two civilians in the village. An anti-tank guided missile hit a residential building.

In order to increase the combat effectiveness of the snipers — the People’s Militia are conducting planned training exercises. A sniper isn’t simply a good sharpshooter. He is a soldier that honed both tactical and firing skills to a great degree. The sniper skills of the DPR People’s Militia inflict fear in the Ukrainian military for a while by now. A mere rumor that a group of snipers arrived at a certain area of the frontline forces the Ukrainian soldiers to refuse to perform sabotage tasks. It also makes them keep their heads down in the trenches.

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