Russia and India will create a hyper-sonic missile || Breaking News, 20th of February, 2019


The White House announced a memorandum on the creation of the US Space Forces, signed by Donald Trump. The document says that the US space systems have always surpassed the same systems of the potential opponents. But lately they “improved their own space potential” and developed capabilities that can prevent the USA from “using space during the time of a crisis or a conflict”. The US Space forces will become the sixth combat arm of the USA. They will be created as a part of the US Air Forces — RIA NEWS reports.

2 France

4 people were stabbed by an unknown person in a historic district of the city of Marseille — ‘France Info’ news website reported. According to the ‘Le Figaro’ — before his attack, the unknown man asked some passers-by about their nationality. According to the report — the police opened fire on the attacker during the chase. The attacker was killed. His identity and motives are being clarified.

3 Japan

Taro Kono, the head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, announced that the upcoming deployment of ‘Aegis Ashore’ — the US-made land-based missile defense systems — in Japan can’t be considered a violation of the INF treaty, since Tokyo is not a party of the agreement. Thus, Tokyo doesn’t have any obligations under the treaty — TASS reports. On 5th of February, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that the deployment of the parts of the US global missile defense system in Japan violates the INF treaty.

4 Russia — India

Russia and India will make and test ‘BrahMos-2’ hypersonic air-launched missile by 2024 — said the head of the information technology department of the ‘BrahMos’ company — Praveen Pathak. According to him — the work on the missile will take 5 years at most. The test launch is planned for the late 2023 or early 2024, RIA NEWS reports. The tests of the promising BrahMos-NG missile, the export version, will take place in 3 or 4 years — Praveen Pathak specified. India plans to re-arm their Su-30MKI and MiG-29 fighters with those missiles._

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