South Korea demanded North Korea to stop the missile launches


The DPRK military launched two more missiles of an unknown type in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan — Interfax reports while citing the Renhap Agency. According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, the missiles were launched in the North Korean city of Toccheon. They flew for 230 kilometers at a speed of Mach 6.1, which makes them hypersonic weapons. Later, the Office of the President of South Korea appealed to the DPRK with a request to stop the launch of «unidentified missiles.» Seoul warned North Korea that the continuation of the missile launches could escalate the tensions on the Korean peninsula. A spokeswoman for the DPRK »Peaceful Homeland Reunification Committee» announced that Pyongyang doesn’t intend to continue the negotiations with Seoul, since it is «pointless» due to the ongoing joint military exercises of the US and South Korea.

The Libyan national army, led by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, doesn’t intend to extend the truce, announced by the initiative of the UN mission in Libya on the eve of the main Muslim holiday — Eid al-Adha, TASS reports while citing a statement of the head of the Moral Training Department of the Libyan National Army, Colonel Khaled al-Mahjub. According to him — «The hign command doesn’t intend to extend the truce to Eid al-Adha, which officially ended on Monday evening». Al-Mahjub didn’t explain the reasons of the refusal to extend the ceasefire. He accused the hostile forces of the ‘Government of National Consent’ of «repeatedly violating the ceasefire in the past few days.»

The air defense systems of the Russian air base Khmeimim, located in Syria, repelled an attack of 6 UAVs, launched by the terrorists. “The AA weapons of the Russian air base destroyed all 6 terrorist UAVs at safe distances. There were no injuries or material damage” — the Russian Defense Ministry announced. The air defense forces constantly repel the terrorist attacks on the Russian air base in Syria. On 8th of August the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the terrorists fired 4 rockets from an MLRS at Khmeimim.

The Hong Kong court issued a warrant to the Hong Kong airport authorities that gives them the right to expel the protesters from the Hong Kong airport terminals. The protesters previously blocked the work of the airport. It wasn’t specified yet how exactly the protesters will be driven out of the airport — RIA NEWS reports with a reference to the ‘South China Morning Post’. On Wednesday night, the protesters occupied the departure lounge of the Hong Kong International Airport. Over 300 flights were canceled. Hong Kong police detained 5 people for possession of weapons, and for an attack on the police.

The Syrian air defense systems repelled a missile strike at the military facilities in the province of Hama. The missile strike was launched from the Lebanese airspace — a military source specified. According to the Syrian news agency SANA — the Syrian AA forces managed to destroy one of the incoming missiles that was heading towards its target from the Lebanese airspace — TASS reports. There were reports about powerful explosions in the city of Masyaf. On Thursday, there were reports that Russia had deactivated its S-400 AA systems in the Syrian city of Masyaf, once the S-300PM-2 systems, sold to Syria in October of 2018, began their work.

An A-321 passenger airplane made an emergency landing in the Moscow Region — Interfax reports. According to the Interfax, the airplane took off from the Zhukovsky airport — it was supposed to fly to the city of Simferopol — but soon the airplane was forced to land due to engine malfunction caused by birds. The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency explained that shortly after the take-off, the airplane collided with a flock of gulls, some of which were sucked into the engines which caused a signigicant malfunction. Due to the impossibility of maneuvering — the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing, without the landing gear, on the field not too far from the runway. 226 passengers and 7 crew members were on board. As a result of the incident, 10 people were hospitalized, with bruises and scratches.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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