Space is the next field of operations


1 the USA

During the opening ceremony of the US space command, Donald Trump announced that space will be the next dimension of ​​military operations. According to him, the new department will “protect the key interests of the USA in space, the next dimension of ​​military operations”. Donald Trump added that space is a field of warfare, just like «land, sea, air, and cyberspace». The space command should allow the US to achieve dominance in space — he explained. According to Donald Trump — “the best way to prevent the conflicts is to prepare for the victory”. Since Thursday, the number of armed forces in the USA has increased to 6. The Ground Forces, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the Air Force, and the new «space command.» The new structure will be led by a four-star general, John Raymond.

2 Finland

On Friday, the British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will discuss with his German and French colleagues the ways to preserve the ‘Joint Comprehensive Action Plan’ for the Iranian Nuclear Program, and the ways to protect the international navigation in the Strait of Hormuz — TASS reports. The meeting will be attended by the High EU Representative for the Foreign Affairs and the Security Policy — Federica Mogherini. The discussions will be held in the capital of Finland, currently presiding in the EU council, during a two-day informal meeting of the ministers of the defense and the foreign affairs of 28 EU countries.

3 Ukraine

The Ukrainian parliamentarians approved, during the first reading, a draft law on the abolition of the parliamentary immunity — Interfax reports. During the next session, the parliament may adopt the draft law as it is. The law proposes to exclude the rule according to which the deputies can’t be prosecuted, detained or arrested, or receive their parliamentary immunity without the consent of the Ukrainian Parliament. Meanwhile, the parliament approved the candidacies for the posts of the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, proposed by the newly appointed Prime Minister, Alexey Goncharuk. The parliament supported the appointment of Ruslan Riaboshapka as the Prosecutor General, Vadim Priestayko as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Andrii Zagorodniuk as the Ukrainian Minister of Defense. Arsen Avakov was re-appointed as the Minister of the Internal affairs.

4 Israel — Lebanon

On Friday, the Israeli air force fighters invaded the Lebanese airspace in order to perform low-altitude air reconnaissance over the southern regions of the country. The »Al-Watania» reported that the Israeli aircraft pretended to be attacking the settlements located near the city of Tire and near the Cape En-Nakur. The Israeli military justified the air reconnaissance over Lebanon by a necessity to monitor the movements of the Shia Hezbollah armed group that is fighting in Syria on the side of the government army.

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