Strikes on Israel and the Gaza Strip


1 Israel — The Gaza Strip

The IDF reported on Twitter that over the past night, the Israeli Air Force attacked 40 targets of the Hamas movement in the south of the Gaza Strip. 52 Israeli fighter-bombers used about 120 precision-guided munitions. The Palestinian radicals from the Gaza Strip fired 50 rockets at Israel overnight. 10 rockets exploded on the territory of the enclave itself.

2 The USA — Israel

The ’’Associated Press’’ reported while citing their source that the Israeli operation against the Palestinian radicals in the Gaza Strip could be completed within a few days. It was reported that «the Israeli representatives indicated that there is a possibility that their military campaign will end within a few days». The newspaper Politico reported while citing their sources in the Washington administration that the US administration convinced Israel to abandon their ground military operation in the Gaza Strip. It was noted that Israel «was about to start a ground invasion», which could lead to a longer conflict.

3 Syria

A representative of the Russian combat engineers stated that the Russian and Syrian military destroyed some terrorist catacombs in the Syrian province of Hama. The catacombs were destroyed by the explosives, left by the terrorists during their retreat in 2019. It was noted that the area of the catacombs was about 100 square meters.

4 Armenia — Azerbaijan

Armenia demands to remove the Azerbaijani troops from Armenia before the start of the demarcation and delimitation of the border — the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia announced. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated that Russia offered to assist Azerbaijan and Armenia in resolving the situation on the border, within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Russia proposed to create an Armenian-Azerbaijani commission for the delimitation and demarcation. The Armenian Defense Ministry stated that the Armenian troops reserve the right to solve the problem by force if there is no peaceful settlement of the situation within a reasonable amount of time.

5 The USA — Afghanistan

The chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milli, stated that the USA and the NATO allies are looking for a possibility of providing security at the Kabul International Airport after the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan. According to him — ensuring the security at the Kabul airport is one of the key factors for the diplomatic presence of the Western states in Afghanistan.

6 Turkey

The Turkish Defense Ministry reported on Twitter that the 8th airbase in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir was attacked with drones. It was noted that there are no injuries or casualties at the base. No details about the organizers of the attack, or other details about the event, were reported. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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