Summary events of Novorossiya, March 17, 2017


The Ukrainian fighters have opened fire on the Russian officers of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination and sappers of the DPR near the Donetsk filtering station. They used small arms; it has been reported by the operational command of the DPR.
The Ukrainian Army has shelled the villages Elenovka to the south-west of Donetsk, Vasilyevka of the Yasinovatsky district and Naberezhnoe of the Novoazovsky district. 4 houses and power lines were damaged.
1 civilian was killed and 9 civilians were wounded in the DPR for a week. 4 soldiers of the DPR were killed and 2 wounded. Almost 500 houses were damaged, Eduard Basurin reported today.
The officers of the LPR Ministry of the Interior prevented a terroristic act against the military commissioner of the LPR People’s Militia Igor Marshuba. Saboteurs planted an explosive device in his house; the representative of the police the major Alexey Selivanov reported today.
The Russian Federation gave 12 nationals to Ukraine, who served a sentence in Crimea during joining to Russia.
Russia will reconsider a decision about the recognition of passports of the DPR and the LPR, if Ukraine fulfills completely conditions of Minsk Agreements, the Russian representative in the OSCE Aleksandr Lukashevich reported today.

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