Syria. A missile attack on Israel


1 Syria — A missile attack on Israel

The Syrian news agency ’SANA’ reported that the Syrian air defenses repelled an Israeli missile attack on the southern outskirts of Damascus, and on the province of Al-Quneitra. Most of the missiles were intercepted. It was reported that Israel launched several missile attacks on the military targets in southern Damascus, and in the province of Al-Quneitra. The attack came from the occupied Golan Heights. The missiles inflicted material damage with no casualties. The ’’Al Hadath’’ TV reported that the missiles were aimed at positions of the Syrian army and the pro-Iranian armed groups, deployed in Al-Quneitra. Missile explosions were heard in the area of the ​​Damascus International Airport, and near the 4th Elite Division, near Kiswa. The Israeli Air Force also attacked military targets in the suburbs of Sakhnaya, and a research center in Al-Himma.

2 The USA — the Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

The US State Department’s spokesman, Ned Price, stated during a briefing that the new US administration is reviewing the deal with the Taliban, and has yet to make a decision on the pull of the US troops from Afghanistan. The review will include an assessment of whether the Taliban are meeting their commitments to cut their ties with the terrorist groups, on the reduction of violence, and if they are in a constructive negotiation with the Afghan government. The date of completion of the review wasn’t specified. Ned Price pointed out that Washington «tries to ensure that Afghanistan will never again become a base for the terrorist attacks against the US partners and interests». Ned Price added that «Joe Biden’s team is committed to supporting of the ongoing peace process between Afghanistan and the Taliban. The team supports a just and lasting political settlement, as well as a comprehensive ceasefire».

3 The UN — The USA-Iran litigation

The President of the International Court of Justice, Abdulkawi Ahmed Yusuf, stated that the agency rejects the preliminary objections of the USA and reaffirms its jurisdiction over the case between the USA and Iran. Tehran is trying to lift the sanctions imposed by Washington in 2018. The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Said Khatibzadeh, called the recognition by the International Court of Justice of its own jurisdiction in the Washington-Tehran case to be «a legal success». The head of the press service of the US State Department, Ned Price, stated that Washington was disappointed with the decision of the International Court of Justice. He explained that it was a preliminary decision, not a decision of the merits. Ned Price added that in the next phase of the case, Washington will explain «why the Iranian complaint is baseless».

4 The USA — Sanctions against Russia

’’The New York Times’’ reported that the main aides to Joe Biden believe that the USA have «largely used up the resource of the sanctions against Russia» — one of the US presidential aides told to the newspaper. ’’The New York Times’’ noted that «the US sanctions have been less efficient in the recent years». It was underlined that several times the USA introduced sanctions against Russia, China, and Iran. However, Washington has never been able to achieve its goals.

5. The CAR — Taking of Bossembele

The Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Firmin Ngrebada, announced that the governmental forces took full control over the strategically important city of Bossembele — the radio station ’Ndeke Luka’ quoted his words. Firmin Ngrebada added that the governmental troops are «more motivated than ever before». The city is located 150 km to the north-west of the capital Bangui. The HQ of the rebel anti-governmental ’’Coalition of Patriots for Change’’ movement, created on 18th of December, 2020, was located in Bossembele. The most efficient units of the rebels were deployed in the city. The city is located on an important highway that connects the capital with Cameroon and deep-sea ports on the Atlantic coast.

6 India. Shelling

’The Pioneer’ newspaper reported while citing the Indian Ministry of Defense that the Pakistani army fired small arms and heavy mortars at Rajuri district, in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The shelling killed 1 Indian serviceman. It was noted that it was the 4th case of Indian servicemen loses from the Pakistani shellings in this year. The shelling came after the Pakistani army’s chief of staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, stated on Wednesday that Islamabad and New Delhi must find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ’’ANNA NEWS’’.

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