Syria. An attack on the US forces


1 Syria

The Syrian state-run news agency ‘SANA’ reports, while citing the local sources, that the USA sent additional military equipment to the north-east of the province of Hasakah. The military equipment will be used to fortify the existing American bases in that area. The SANA reported that a convoy of armored vehicles with various equipment, including communication equipment, arrived from Iraq via the Al-Valid checkpoint. According to the sources of SANA — 6 American armored vehicles left the Iraqi village of Al-Mahmoudiya, which is located to the south from the Al-Valid checkpoint. They crossed the Syrian-Iraqi border, and headed to one of the Syrian oil fields, controlled by the USA.

2 Syria

The SANA reported that a joint patrol of the US forces and the troops of the »Kurdish Democratic Syrian Forces» was ambushed by the terrorists in the area of Rweishad, in the province of Deir ez-Zor. The ambush was set up at the crossroad near the entrance to Rweishad. The terrorists shelled the patrol with small arms and grenade launchers. It was reported that three US soldiers and five Kurdish fighters were injured during the firefight.

3 Syria — the EU

«In the near future, the EU will extend the sanctions against Syria, despite the coronavirus epidemic in the country» — TASS reports with a reference to a senior EU representative. «The extension of the sanctions will send a strong signal that the current course of violence, aggravation of the humanitarian situation, and the use of chemical weapons is absolutely unacceptable» — the representative explained. Earlier, the Syrian Minister of Health, Nizar Yaziji, stated while speaking at the 73rd session of the WHO Assembly that the fight against the coronavirus in the country is being »impeded by the cruel and unfair sanctions, imposed by the US and EU, against Damascus».

4 Libya

The ‘TASS’ news agency reports while citing a Libyan military source that the Libyan national army, led by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, took the full control over one of the strategic areas in the suburbs of Tripoli by pushing out the troops of the Government of National Accord. According to the source, after the clashes with the GNA forces, the LNA forces occupied the village of Al-Khira, located 50 km south-west from the capital. «Currently the army units are searching the area for the hostile militia and mercenaries» — the TASS quoted the Libyan source that added that the LNA managed to cut off the important route that connects Tripoli with a strategically important city of Garyan, captured by the GNA in June of the last year. Violent clashes were reported in other areas around Tripoli as well. According to the source — during those clashes, the GNA forces suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment. A lot of mercenaries from Syria, fighting on the side of the GNA, were taken prisoner.

5 Afghanistan

Jonathan Hoffman, a spokesman of the Pentagon, stated that the only solution to the situation in Afghanistan is a political solution of the conflict. «We are trying to inspire and help the Afghan government and the Taliban to reach an agreement that brings peace» — Hoffman explained and added that the US support the recent decision of the Afghan authorities to release 900 Taliban fighters from their prisons. Hoffman stated that the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan continues, and it goes on time. He didn’t give any specific number of the returned troops. Donald Trump stated that he will return the US troops from Afghanistan within a reasonable time. Donald Trump didn’t specify the date, but he noted that the US troops can return at any time.

6 Afghanistan

The ‘Reuters’ reports, while citing their sources among the US and the NATO officials, that the USA will reduce the number of their troops in Afghanistan to 8,600 by the start of June, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Previously it was planned to pull out the US troops by mid-July. The sources of the Reuters reported that the number of the US troops in Afghanistan is already close to 8,600. It was noted that the accelerated return of the troops is related to the pandemic. The support personnel will leave Afghanistan first, together with those who are at a high risk due to the coronavirus. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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