Syrian air defense forces attacked a Turkish F-16


1 Syria

The Syrian mass media reported that the Syrian air defense forces repelled air attacks on the provinces of Homs and Al Quneitra. It was reported that the attacks were carried out by the Israeli aircraft from the Lebanese airspace, and from above the Golan Heights. According to the »Sham FM» radio station — the air defense forces shot down 12 missiles, fired at the western province of Homs. The «SANA» news agency reports, while citing a military source, that at 00:30 by the local time — the Syrian military detected the movement of the Israeli aircraft in the direction of the Lebanese city of Sayda. It allowed them to successfully intercept and destroy the missiles fired at the Syrian targets in the province of Al Quneitra, in south-western Syria

2 Syria

The »Al-Masdar» news website reports that the Syrian air defense forces used an S-200 AA missile system to attack a Turkish F-16 fighter in north-western Syria. There were no reports on the aircraft damage. The website noted that the Turkish fighter, most likely, evaded the Syrian missile, and then left the Syrian airspace.

3 Syria

The Syrian forces discovered a large ammunition depot, left by the terrorists during their retreat, in the province of Aleppo, near the city of Kafr Jum. A training base of the terrorists was discovered as well. A former garment factory was used to make weapons. Grenade launchers, mortars, artillery barrels and other spare parts were found in the warehouse that belonged to the extremist group «Jebhat al-Nusra». Most of the weaponry was labeled in English, Turkish and other languages. The found weaponry will be documented in order to establish its origin.

4 Russia

Negotiations were held between the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The Russian president stated earlier that the negotiations with the Turkish president, as requested by the Turkish president, will be held face-to-face. Then the delegations will join the negotiations. Tayyip Erdogan said that the meeting with Putin on the Idlib matter has a great importance for the region. The decisions made during the talks in Moscow will ease the situation in the Syrian Idlib. The Turkish President noted that the relations between Russia and Turkey reached their peak, including the matters of trade and the defense industry. The main task is the further development of the relations between Turkey and Russia.

5 Turkey

The head of the Turkish Ministry of the Internal Affairs, Suleiman Soilu, visited the checkpoint on the Turkish-Greek border. He stated that the Turkish authorities decided to deploy 1,000 police commandos on the border with Greece in order to prevent the return of the migrants to the Turkish territory. The Turkish Minister claims that Greece «tried to push» 4,900 people back into Turkey. “We deployed 1,000 commandos at the border to prevent it. They will be fully equipped. At the moment, 137,000 people from the province of Edirne alone have passed through the border» — the ‘NTV’ quotes the Turkish minister. He noted that Turkey «doesn’t stop the migrants who wish to go to Greece». He also said that Greece uses weapons against the refugees in order to not let them enter their territory, and in order to “try to push those people back to Turkey». The Greek mass media reports, while citing the government sources, that over the past day, the Greek police and military personnel have prevented about 7,000 attempts of illegal crossing in the land Greek-Turkish border, in the Evros region.

6 Afghanistan

The representative of the National Security Council of Afghanistan, Javid Faisal, announced that the Taliban violated the terms of the peace agreement. The Taliban made 76 attacks in the first 3 days of March. The Afghan military, in response, killed about 85 terrorists. “The national defense and security forces of Afghanistan responded to all the attacks, and killed about 85 Taliban terrorists. Our forces are conducting defensive actions, in order to give a chance to the peace” — Javid Faisal Twitted. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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