Syrian army repelled an attack of the terrorists in Idlib


1 Syria On Tuesday, the Syrian army retook 4 villages, located near the province of Idlib, from the terrorists — RIA NEWS reports while referring the Syrian pro-government newspaper ‘al-Watan’. «The Syrian army regained control over the villages al-Kairutiya, Kyrath, al-Humeirat and al-Hardan in the north-west of Hama province. The army approached the villages from several directions» — the newspaper explained. It was noted that the villages were freed after fierce clashes with terrorists during which they suffered significant losses. The Syrian army, in the course of the military operation launched on 6th of May, liberated several settlements in the north of the province of Hama, and captured the strategically important settlements of Calat al-Mudik and Kafr Nabud.

2 Syria The Syrian army pushed the terrorists out from the village of Kafr Nbud. According to the reporters of ANNA NEWS — the village is under control of the government forces. Kafr Nbud is an important settlement. The highway from Hama to Aleppo goes right next to the village. It was reported that the survived terrorists were forced to retreat. They are being pursued by the Syrian ground and air forces.

3 Ukraine Ukraine plans to confiscate the property of those citizens of the country that received Russian passports, and are still living in Donbas region — RIA NEWS reports. The related bill was introduced to the Ukrainian parliament by the Ukrainian MP Oleg Musiy. Back in April, Vladimir Putin signed a decree that allowed the residents of some parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine to receive Russian passports, in a simplified manner. Later, Kiev threatened to take away the Ukrainian citizenship from those residents of Donbass that apply for the Russian passports. In addition, the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Irina Freese, announced that such residents won’t receive social benefits and pensions as well.

4 Sudan At least 5 people died in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, after the Sudanese security forces attempted to disperse a crowd of thousands of people that gathered in the city center in front of the Ministry of Defense and the army HQ with demands to the military that committed a coup in April to transfer the ruling power back to the civilian government — Interfax reports with a reference to the Associated Press. The report mentioned a large number of victims. How many people were injured is still unknown. Sounds of explosions and machine gun fire were heard at the area. ‘Al Jazeera’ noted that the protest took place after the ruling military called the protesters «a threat to the national security.»

5 Russia — Kazakhstan The Russian Air and Space Forces, from the territory of Kazakhstan, conducted a successful test launch of a new missile from anti-missile defense system — TASS reports while referring a statement from the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense. «From the Sary-Shagan test site, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the air and anti-missile defense forces successfully conducted another test launch of a Russian missile defense system» — the report says. According to the deputy commander of the missile defense regiment, Colonel Vladimir Sergienko, whose words are quoted by the department — «after several tests, the new anti-missile system reliably confirmed its characteristics. It had successfully completed its task by hitting the training target with the needed accuracy.»

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