Syrian troops reached the border with Turkey


1. Russia — the UN

The Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Office in Geneva, Andrei Belousov, announced that Russia, in consultation with other countries, had prepared a proposal for a consideration by the UN General Assembly on the transfer of the work of the disarmament committee from New York to Geneva or Vienna. Until the application is submitted to the committee — the deadline for the submission of the documents to the First Committee is Thursday. “The Russian delegation acts on the basis of the specific instructions. These instructions provide for the introduction of this document” — Andrei Belousov explained. At the current session of the UN General Assembly, the US authorities did not issue visas to 18 representatives of the Russian delegation.

2. Spain

At least 22,000 protesters rallied on the streets of Barcelona on Wednesday night — the Spanish tv and radio channel RTVE reports. According to the RTVE — at least 10 cars were burned. The most radical protesters threw stones, Molotov cocktails, and bottles with acid at the police. A group of journalists from the TeleMadrid channel was attacked as well. Reports about riots also come from another city in Catalonia — Girona. On Wednesday and Thursday night, the Catalan police made at least 20 detentions. 52 people were injured during the protests.

3 the USA — Syria

On Wednesday, the troops of the US-led international anti-terrorism coalition left the cities of Raqqah and Tabka in north-east of Syria, said Colonel Miles Kaggins, the spokesman for the military operation ‘Unshakable Decision’ that is being carried out by a group of countries, led by the US, in Iraq and Syria. Earlier, the Al Mayadeen TV channel reported that the Syrian army entered the city of Raqqa, which was, until recently, under the control of the Kurdish militias.

4 Syria

The Syrian army reached the border with Turkey in the Suk al-Hal region, north of Kobani, the Syrian newspaper Al-Vatan reports. According to the newspaper — in the near future, the Syrian troops will be deployed on other parts of the border with Turkey and Iraq. For the first time since 2012, they will take control over the checkpoint in Yarubia, as well as the settlements of Al-Malikiya and Ain-Daivar. According to the newspaper — the Syrian troops expanded their presence in the north-west of the province of Hasek. They reached the villages of Al-Manajir and Al-Ahras, 40 kilometers from the administrative center. In the east of Aleppo province, the troops entered the village of Sultania, located south of Manbij. Since the beginning of the week, the Syrian army regained control of an area of ​​1,000 of square kilometers around the city.

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