Terrorists attacked the positions of the Syrian troops


1 Syria

The head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Yuri Borenkov, announced during a briefing on Wednesday that “On 22nd of January, the terrorists from the ‘Islamic Party of Turkestan’ attacked the Syrian government forces 3 times in the Syrian province of Idlib. All their attacks were repelled». It was reported that as a result of the attacks — 8 Syrian servicemen died. 6 terrorists were destroyed.

2 Syria

The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria reported that the Syrian troops were forced to abandon their positions due to the attack of the terrorists in the south-eastern part of the Idlib DMZ. It was reported that about 200 terrorists of the ‘Islamic Party of Turkestan’, supported by 20 pick-up trucks, 1 tank, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, and 2 so-called ‘jihad jeeps’, attacked the positions of the Syrian forces several times in the direction of the villages of ‘Abu Jreif — Samka’.

3. Syria

The ‘RIA NEWS’ reports, while citing their diplomatic source, that during the next week, on Tuesday, the UN Special Envoy for Syria — Geir Pedersen, will arrive in Damascus. His meeting with the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem, is planned for 29th of January. The source of the news agency specified that Pedersen will leave Damascus on 30th of January, or a bit sooner.

4 Israel

The Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Israel, where he acted as the main foreign guest during the World Forum «Keeping the Memory of the Holocaust. Fighting the Antisemitism». A meeting was also held with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and with the Israeli President — Reuven Rivlin. Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the bronze stele «Candle of Remembrance» in the center of Jerusalem, and at the ceremony of transferring of the ‘Order of Courage’ to the relatives of the hero of the uprising of the prisoners of the Sobibor death camp — Leon Feldgendler.

5 Turkey

The Turkish National Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, announced on Thursday that the Turkish experts are still advising the Libyan «National Accord Government», led by Fayez Sarraj. “We provide support to our Libyan brothers in the matters of training. We continue to hold consultations” — the ‘Anadolu’ Agency quoted his words. On 20th of January the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara sent military advisers and instructors to Libya.

6. India

‘The Hindustan Times’ reports that at least 644 extremists have surrendered with their arms to the state authorities of the Assam state, in east of India. This was told to The ‘Hindustan Times’ by the local police chief, Bhaskar Mahant. It was also reported that among those who surrendered were Maoist terrorists — they conducted sabotage activities in the state. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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