Terrorists continue to shell the outskirts of Aleppo


The head of the Russian center for the reconciliation in Syria, Yuri Borenkov, announced during a briefing on Tuesday evening that illegal armed groups are still shelling the village of Zahra, located near the largest Syrian city of Aleppo. The shelling killed 8 people, including a child. 13 civilians were injured. The head of the neurosurgical department of the local hospital, Abdel Nur, reported that some of the locals were injured several days ago as a result of the shelling. They were taken to the hospital. “3 people arrived, 1 of them died. 2 had injuries in their backs and legs. All the wounds were from shrapnel. 1 injured person had non-dangerous injuries, the other one is in a serious condition” — he explained.

The conference on the settlement of the situation in Libya has ended in Berlin. The text of the final communiqué was agreed upon after the final meeting. The document mentions a ceasefire, an arms embargo, an establishment of a political process, a compliance with the humanitarian law and the human rights, a reform of the security sector, and an economic reform. The document also calls on everyone to refrain from interfering in the armed conflict in Libya. The document allows the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against countries that violate the ban on the import of weapons into Libya. The »ANSA» news agency reports that the warring parties in Libya agreed to establish a ceasefire overseeing commission. The conference participants agreed to not interfere in the internal affairs of Libya.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Israel, where he acted as the main foreign guest during the World Forum «Keeping the Memory of the Holocaust. Fighting the Anti-Semitism». A meeting was also held with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and with the Israeli President — Reuven Rivlin. Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the bronze stele «Candle of Remembrance» in the center of Jerusalem, and at the ceremony of transferring of the ‘Order of Courage’ to the relatives of the hero of the uprising of the prisoners of the Sobibor death camp — Leon Feldgendler.

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, threatened to cancel the agreement with the US on the deployment of the American troops and military equipment in the country due to the cancelation of the American visa of the Philippine Senator Ronald de la Rosa — the ABS-CBN reports. The »Visiting Forces Agreement» entered into force back in 1999. According to the Reuters — it granted legal status to thousands of the American soldiers who are sent to the Philippines to conduct military exercises and humanitarian operations.

The second preliminary report of the ‘Iranian Civil Aviation Organization’ on the crash of the ‘Ukrainian International Airlines’ airplane stated that the airplane was shot down by two short-range ground-to-air missiles from a ‘TOR-M1’ air defense system. The missiles were fired from the north. The document was published on the website of the department. The ‘Ukrainian International Airlines’ airplane was en-route from Tehran to Kiev. The airplane crashed shortly after taking off from the Tehran Airport, early in the morning, on 8th of January, on Wednesday. All 176 people on board died that day.

A spokesman for the Palestinian leadership, Nabil Abu Rudeyna, announced that the Palestinian authorities will reject the US plan for the settlement of the Middle East »The deal of the century» if the plan violates the international law — the »VAFA» News Agency quoted the spokesman for the Palestinian leadership. Earlier on Thursday, the US president Donald Trump announced his intention to publish the US plan for the settlement of the Middle East before the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington, on 28th of January. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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