The Azerbaijani military blocks an important highway in Armenia


1 Azerbaijan — Armenia

The Azerbaijani troops blocked a strategically important road in Armenia. The road connects the city of Goris with Kapan, the administrative center of the Syunik region. The incident took place at 23:00 — The ’Sputnik Armenia’ news agency reported with a reference to the Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan. The head of the Armenian government called the statement from Azerbaijan regarding the attack by the Armenian soldiers on an Azerbaijani border service officer, who allegedly received knife wounds, to be ’fake news’. At the moment, negotiations aimed to unblock the Goris-Kapan highway continue.

2 Donbass

Aleksey Nikonorov, the DPR representative in the security subgroup, stated that the situation on the contact line in Donbass continues to get worse. “In the current conditions of a non-functioning coordination mechanism, the full launch of which we have been trying to agree upon for almost a year, Ukraine still isn’t doing anything for this matter” — he added. According to the DPR office in the joint center for the control and coordination of the ceasefire — from 20th of July to 25th of August the Ukrainian troops fired 130 times on the territory of the DPR. 53 cases involved the use of heavy weapons. 1 civilian was killed, 1 was injured.

3 Afghanistan

The CNN reported while citing a source that the operation, aimed to evacuate the US citizens and the local US Embassy personnel, will be completed within 36 hours. “The local staff of the US Embassy in Kabul are the priority at the moment. The source estimates that some 1,800 Afghans have yet to make it to the airport. They have 36 hours to do so» — the CNN reported. According to the CNN, 150 US citizens have yet to arrive at the airport — the TASS reported.

4 Afghanistan

The Russian Ambassador to Kabul, Dmitry Zhirnov, stated that 360 Russian citizens — everyone who wanted to leave — were evacuated from Afghanistan. According to him — those people couldn’t fly out from Afghanistan since June. He added that there is an information that several people did not have time to arrive on their flights due to logistic reasons.

5 Afghanistan

The Taliban took away the weapons from the head of the Supreme Council for the National Reconciliation of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, and the ex-president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai — the CNN reported. According to a source of the CNN, on Monday the Taliban confiscated Karzai’s cars, and took away the weapons from his bodyguards. After that, the former head of state moved to the house of Abdullah Abdullah, where a search was carried out on Wednesday. The CNN specified that Karzai and Abdullah are basically under a house arrest.

6 Syria

1 soldier was killed, 8 were injured in a terrorist attack on a military vehicle on the section of the Nawa-Al-Sheikh — Miskin road, in the west of the Daraa province. In the city of Nawa, the terrorists killed a lawyer Faisal Khalil Al-Awad — the ’SANA’ news agency reported while citing their source at the Police Department. Several terrorists on motorcycles opened fire on the lawyer while he was near his house. The victim died in the hospital from his injuries. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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