The first meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee


1. Russia — Egypt

The first joint Russian-Egyptian air defense military exercises «Friendship Arrow — 2019″ began in Egypt. The exercises will last until 7th of November. The troops from the Russian Southern Military District will participate in the exercises. The exercises involve the use of the Russian-made Buk-M2E, Tor-M2E, S-125 Pechora air defense missile systems on a wheelbase, »Kub» air defense missile systems on tracked chassis, self-propelled AA guns Shilka-M4, and special military SUVs for the mobile AA troops armed with MANPADs «Igla-S».

2. Cameroon

More than 40 people died as a result of a landslide that took place in the west of Cameroon — the state-owned TV and radio broadcasting company CRTV reports. “According to the official data, 42 people died. 6 men, 10 women, 11 boys, 15 girls» — the channel reported via their Twitter account. According to the authorities, the risk of a second landslide still remains.

3. the UK

As a result of the vote on Tuesday evening, the House of Commons of the British Parliament adopted a bill proposed by the conservative government. 438 people voted “for” the holding of early elections, 20 voted “against”, 181 abstained from the voting. The early parliamentary elections will be held in the UK on 12th of December

4. Switzerland — Syria

Today the first meeting of the Constitutional Committee on Syria in Geneva took place. The first meeting will have a symbolic meaning — the committee members made of the representives of the government, the opposition and the civil society, will come together for the first time in the Council Chamber. A full working meeting is planned for Friday, 1st of November. The representative of the delegation of the Syrian opposition, Abdulhakim Bashar, said that the main work of the constitutional committee will begin on Monday, 4th of November, with a group of 45 people. Before that, the delegations will discuss their organizational issues — RIA NEWS reports. The list of the committee members was officially approved only at the end of September. «The start of the Syrian constitutional committee will mark the beginning of a long and complex process of settlement in Syria» — said the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called this event «the achievement of all Syrian people».

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